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Why Electric Brass Parts Are Popular Choice Now?

You must have known that brass has been a common material found in households from time immemorial. Brass is nothing but an alloy that is common in making vessels and other metal parts. This alloy has a combination of copper and zinc which makes this material easy to forge. To make brass, copper gets first melted. Then, zinc is added to the molten copper. Since both metals are popular for their strength, the resultant brass is highly strong. Plus, it is a good material for various uses.

Is electric brass parts useful?

If you take a good look around you, you would see that this metal is present everywhere. Whether at home or commercially, it helps with different things for different purposes. With this, you can make nuts, music components, sanitary fittings, and electric parts. And the best part is that this material has a really good sound quality making it the best choice for musical instruments. Also, brass is resistant to bacteria and other pathogens. This material is also good for knobs, plumbing fixtures, locks, and padlocks because of its anti-corrosive nature.

From this, you can understand why manufacturers are choosing brass to produce electric brass parts. After all, they are resistant to fire, sustainable, and can take shocks in extreme conditions. Plus, this material is recyclable because about 90 per cent of the material can get recycled. Can you think of better material than brass for electric parts?

Brass in the electrical industry as electric brass parts

Metals play a predominant role in both the electrical and electronics industry. Right now, many manufacturers show interest in brass electric parts because of their high strength and low conductivity. This is a good alternative for copper especially when pure copper is not necessary for a particular component. The 2 major brass parts now available are strips and wires. If higher conductivity is necessary, then the composition of zinc is accordingly changed.

Different electric brass parts in the market

  • Brass rivets
  • Fitting components
  • Wire strip connectors
  • Brass board and switch components
  • Bolts and nuts
  • Brass Electrical and electronic meter components

What to consider when buying electric brass parts?

There is no doubt that brass is the next generation metal that produces high performance when used in electric parts. Some of the factors that you need to consider are – conductivity, formability, strength, and cost. Of course, you need to think of where you will use the parts to determine the right one for you.

The amount of zinc present in the alloy affects the conductivity of the brass. But from a mechanical property view, you cannot gain much just by increasing the amount of zinc in brass.

Brass is a cost-effective option because zinc has low metal value than copper itself. So, it is economical to use brass rather than pure copper. Best of all, brass has good resistance to corrosion than copper. This means that brass can withstand hours of salt spray without any major corrosions happening.

For high-quality electric brass parts, make sure to buy them from a company that manufactured the parts under controlled industrial settings.

Electric brass parts – a sure way to success!

Brass has wonderful recycling ability because you can get nearly 100% brass after the process. Scraps like brass anchors, LPG parts, cables, energy meter parts, and brass nuts are recyclable.

No matter what electrical product, electric brass parts are the best out there for their quality and performance. With their superior properties, take your electrical products to the next level by choosing the right electric brass parts manufacturers.

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