Industrial Applications and Benefits of GRP Cable Trays

The term GRP is an abbreviation for Glass Reinforced Plastic or Glass-fibre Reinforced Polymer. GRP is a composite substance made up of the mixture of a polymer substance reinforced or augmented with glass-fiber or fiberglass. The GRP substance is also referred to as FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) and GFRP (Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Plastic). Now the important question is that what is a cable tray? A cable tray is a kind of ladder-pipe system which is used in industries to carry wires and cables safe inside it. The cable trays that are manufactured of GRP material are known as GRP cable trays.

The GRP cable tray system is often termed as GRP cable support system. In the previous times, the cable trays were manufactured from iron and aluminum. After the introduction of GRP material, these iron and aluminum cable trays were replaced by GRP cable trays due to several advantages over them.

Advantages of GRP Cable Trays

Anti-Corrosive: The GRP cable trays are non-corrosive nature irrespective of its environment. While the iron and aluminum cable trays, both are corrosive. The iron trays form a rusty layer and aluminum trays form white greyish film or patina due to corrosion with gases and humidity around them.

High Strength: The GRP cables have a high body strength and can bear a relatively high force on them.

No requirement of Earthing: Since the GRP cable trays are actually a kind of plastic material, so they do not conduct electricity and hence do not require earthing. While in iron and aluminum cable trays, earthing is required due to their high electrical conductivity.

Good Electrical Insulation: GRP cable trays, being plastic components, do not conduct electricity from inner wires to their outside wall. This avoids any kind of shock or electrical accident. While the condition is not the same in the case of iron and aluminum trays.

U.V. Resistant: The GRP trays are also resistive to UltraViolet rays and thus they find application in industries or laboratories where UV rays are used.

Easy to install: The GRP cable trays are light in weight with respect to their size and hence are easy to handle and install. GRP trays have holes made in them already which makes the installation easier.

Non-Toxic: These are non-toxic in nature and can not cause any kind of harm in this term.

Low Thermal Conductivity: They also have low thermal conductivity as compared to iron and aluminum cable trays. This makes them fire retardant and they reduce the chance of any kind of fire accidents which makes them reliable.

Along with all these advantages, the GRP Cable Trays are also cheap in cost as compared to those made up of iron and aluminum. GRP Cable Trays comes with different standards for different industries based on the requirements and environmental condition of the plants and thus used in various segments of the industry. For instance, in a chemical industry, the GRP cable trays must be resistive to the acids too.

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