Smart Outlets for your Home

Why You Should Consider Smart Outlets for your Home

Smart technology is being utilized more and more in today’s homes. Smart technology allows you to embrace automation, while also expanding your control through your electronic devices.

One piece of smart technology is the smart outlet: a device that plugs into your power outlet and allows you to control the connected appliance wireless via an app. Here are the 7 reasons you should consider adding a smart outlet to your house.

Turn on lights when you’re out late

Hook a light or two from your living room into a smart outlet. If you are ever out late at night, you can turn your living room lights on. This gives the appearance that you are home, deterring burglars from entering your home. It also will provide light for when you come home.

Turn on a space heater or fan

Nothing is worse than coming home to a freezing cold home in the winter. Likewise, coming home to a hot house in the summer is rough.

Using a smart outlet, you can turn the switch on before you leave work, automatically turning on a space heater or fan. When you come home, you’ll have the benefit of having it run for awhile.

Prevent standby energy usage

If you’re trying to save energy in your home, one of the biggest sucks of power are appliances that draw electricity while they are in “standby” mode. Your TV and gaming consoles are prime examples of this.

All night long and all day long, while you aren’t using them, they are slowly drawing electricity. By hooking them up to a smart outlet, you can conveniently turn power off to them through your phone.

Use for cooking

If you lead a busy life, chances are you’ve learned how to leverage things like a slow cooker for some of your meals. Turn it on before you go to work, and when you get home, you have a meal ready to go.

With a smart outlet, you can go one step further, and turn your slow cooker on and off while out and about, giving you greater control of your meal.

Use for charging

With so many products utilizing battery technology, your home probably charges a lot of devices. Keeping them plugged in permanently sucks energy.

Have a power strip in your closet hooked up to smart outlet, where you can charge your cordless stick vacuum, rechargeable batteries, and anything else that needs a recharge, and you can turn the power on and off from your smart app.

Hook up to other smart technology

Want to be able to voice command your lights on and off? With a smart outlet and an Amazon Echo, you can simply speak a command and your lights will come on and off.

As a matter of fact, this is true for whatever you choose to hook up to the smart outlet. Through a voice command you can turn it on and off.

Use it for seasonal items

If you follow the tradition of hanging Christmas lights, a smart outlet can be perfect for controlling when the lights go on and off. In the summer, you might need to run your pool pump longer than scheduled on a particularly hot day.

When heavy rains come, you might need to quickly turn on a basement pump. All of these things would benefit from a smart outlet, when you can turn things on and off as they happen.

These are only some of the examples for how you can use a smart outlet in your house. A smart outlet will save you energy while adding convenience.

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