GRP pultruded profiles

Ensure Your Floor Safety With Fiberglass Grating System

Across all of the industries, floor safety is significant and this is why major manufacturing units produce fiberglass gratings in order to protect workforce of the factory from slipping. Though some units may have installed steel mesh gratings, but these old conventional products are hardly giving them satisfactory protection. Moreover, cost of maintenance and servicing is high for these steel gratings and this is why GRP fiberglass gratings are considered to be the number one choice for industries. Apart from maintenance, there are a lot more reasons to opt for fiberglass intended gratings over traditional steel gratings.


GRP and FRP based gratings are more durable products as compared to steel gratings. Moreover, fiberglass products are safer than normal steel or metal products. With impressive strength and supreme resistance against corrosion and oil, fiberglass products are becoming more popular among the users.

Anti Slip

Fiberglass products like grating systems have open mesh design that ensures underfoot safety. Regardless of wet or oily environment, GRP pultruded profiles are widely sourced by users from suppliers on large scale. Strong gripping ensures no-slipping accidents in the factory or foundry where these gratings are installed.

Static Dissipation

GRP based grating systems are well suited to static sensitive environments. Fiberglass has a feature to dissipate static electricity and this makes the fiberglass grp based gratings ideal products for gaseous and sensitive environments.


The great thickness of GRP grating system ensures impressive strength of the product. Most users demand quality gratings that possess good strength and therefore, they consider fiberglass products available in the market and decent price.

GRP mesh gratings are fabricated from glass reinforced plastic and resin and ensure great strength, lighter weight, and easy installation and transportation of the gratings. Moreover, unlike metal gratings, fiberglass gratings come in beautiful vibrant colors. Clients can even get their custom color range of products from fiberglass gratings manufacturing company if they want to make the bulk order. There are many more benefits of using these gratings- you don’t have to worry about repainting them because these gratings do not corrode.

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