Why It Is Hard to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are rigid and it is harder to get rid of them once they make their way to your house. A to Z pest control service in Rajkot have saved many people from such pests and made their homes and commercial spaces pest free zones. Now in this blog post, the experts will explain why people find it tough to treat bed bugs and why they cannot deal with them without professional help.

If you are dealing with any pest in your home or office, you need to detect the type of pest so that you can call pest control for assistance. In case there are bed bugs and when you give the confirmation to the professionals, they will treat the bed bugs and not other insects or pests.

How to identify bed bugs?

The only way to detect if you have bed bugs is through visual identification. You will surely find it hard to find if there are bed bugs as these pests likely to hide in hard to reach places. These bed bugs get active during night and feed on you or your pets.

You can strip your bedsheet and look inside the mattress creases, behind the headboard, bed frame, and other hidden areas that you think bed bugs can hid themselves.

How bed bugs look like?

Bed bugs are tinier, browner pests (white-ish when young). Bed bugs have 6 legs and a pair of antennae. These pests are wingless. The shape of bed bugs turns a flat oval as they grow. Their body becomes thicker and redder when they fed.

Pro tip to confirm you have bed bug – you can use bug glue traps around your bed. The trap is not the solution to your problem, but you can confirm if there is bug infestation when the trap catches the bug.

Signs that tell the presence of bed bugs

  • Bug feces (smaller black specks around the bed)
  • Specks of blood
  • Odor issues
  • Skin/eggs present around the bed
  • Bites on your body or pet body

Pro Treatments for Bed Bugs

Once you confirm the bed bug problem, you can either handle it your own or call professionals for help. It is advisable to call professionals for assistance because they have the right knowledge and tools to apply. Also, you never know how much time it really takes to get rid of bed bugs if you handle your own. So, without wasting extra time, you can hire any A to Z pest control service near your home.

There are certain treatments you can try at home like a pro-

  1. Vacuum every inch of your bed

Bed bugs easily hide themselves in harder to reach areas but you can still reach to them using vacuum cleaner. You can try vacuum up bed bugs and their eggs where you suspect them being hidden. Never ignore your bed mattresses. You can make good use of vacuum and try reaching the mattress’s creases where bed bugs love to hide themselves.

  1. Steamer

Steamer is an ideal contact killer for bed bugs. This is safest and cleanest method as you are not using any chemical to treat bed bug issue. A good quality steamer can be a perfect investment.

  1. Insecticide powder

Many pest control brands offer insecticide powder or dust to help you treat bed bugs and other pests at home. Before using these products, it is recommended to read the label carefully. If you need professional assistance, you must call for help.

A to Z pest control service in Rajkot is available for 24X7. You can reach their customer desk support and ask professionals to help you deal with bed bugs or other pest related issues.

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