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5 Reasons Why Natural Cosmetics Is Better

The last decade of my engagement as a makeup expert and consultant in fashion shows around the world has been an amazing ride. Not only have I been working with some of the most talented and gorgeous people around, but I’ve also got the chance to expand my knowledge on the makeup and cosmetic choices that will help the girls I work with keep their skin healthy and smooth.

During fashion weeks or catwalks for collection launches, these girls run an estimate of two or three shows per day; all designers have different vibes and requirements that fit in with their visions which, for these girls, means applying several coats of makeup daily and then stripping it off when it comes the time to run the other show. These kinds of treatments can damage the skin severely and leave it looking dull and saggy.

That’s why I’ve altogether switched to organic and mineral makeup and I would strongly recommend it not only to girls who wear a lot of makeup (for work or pleasure) daily, but to all the girls out there who enjoy their pampering sessions but do want to keep their skin healthy and glowing.

Here are the main reasons why you should turn to organic cosmetic:

It comes from nature

Subjected to daily poisonous influences and the toxic environment, our skin suffers terrible hits with long-term and potentially dangerous effects.

Unfortunately, using the right SPF factor will only protect you from the sunburns, it won’t protect you from hazardous mater attacking your skin. On top of that, wearing makeup or using non-organic cosmetics is an additional dangerous factor jeopardizing both your inner health and the surface of your skin. For this reason, turning to naturally processed, organic and mineral products is the best way to protect yourself and keep your skin healthy and glowing.

The rule everyone should stick to when opting for their cosmetic is – if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.

It is safe

While using chemically processed makeup and cosmetics has the potential to damage your skin and even endanger your health (some of the ingredients used in “regular” products are potentially toxic and – absorbed through the skin – they immediately transfer to your bloodstream), organic cosmetics is made out of all natural ingredients which are have many benefits for your skin’s health.

Organic products are proven to help prevent common skin diseases like irritation, blemishes and redness, and help prevent/soothe allergies and other conditions. However, when choosing your organic cosmetics, be careful to opt for the certified skincare products and not the false wannabe organic sellers.

It’s rich in nutrients

The favored base ingredient of organic makeup is cocoa – it’s a leading natural moisturizer that provides essential fatty acids for a youthful glow and healthier skin. Further, together with other nutrient-rich plant oils, cocoa is extremely nourishing. In addition, extracts of grapes, white tea, apricots and pomegranate seeds provide antioxidant protection.

Most of these extracts have anti-collagenase and anti-elastase effects (collagenase and elastase are enzymes which break down the elasticity and integrity of your skin), which makes them perfect for your complexion and overall skin suppleness.

It’s cruelty-free

Unlike chemically processed cosmetics, the organic products don’t need any testing on animals as they contain raw ingredients that have already been safety tested by PCD pharma company India.

Grown without the use of GMO, herbicides, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and so on, these unadulterated ingredients make for a great organic base, with little to no additives. A natural preservative system is used for longevity, and often come with an Organic certification.

For this reason, organic is often regarded as “vegan cosmetics”, too – no animals endangered whatsoever.

It’s a long-term investment

Even though the initial purchase of your organic products may cost you more than you’ve expected, think of it as a health investment – by buying the products that will actually nurture your skin and feed it all the necessary ingredients, you are investing in your health. Plus, organic makeup is thick in structure and therefore takes less time to get used up.

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