How to Increase Hotel Bookings?

Hotel industry faces fierce competition around the globe. Some of the best hotels in Rajkot city are using smart hotel marketing strategies to invite more bookings. People either love to stay in hotel or not. What decides their stay is the right marketing practice of hotel, a reasonable rate for stay, and royal treatment.

In this post, we will learn about these strategies and how SEO Services strategies help hotels in increasing bookings.

Due to growth in popularity of websites offering hotel booking and hospitality, it has become more challenging for hotels to gain more bookings with different approach. Since hotel marketers are aware of these challenges, they are still doing their job to bring more bookings to hotel.

There are some tips that can ease the struggle of hotel marketers. They just need to take care that people should be able to find their hotel in the first place, and instantly ready to pay in advance for stay.

Easy to find on internet

Technology has taken over everything. Travel agents of today don’t have any shop to sell tickets, they do it online and with use of special Software Development. Travelers are smart and compare prices and deals of different hotels online.

If you have a hotel, make sure it should be easy to find on internet for easy bookings. You need to be everywhere for potential bookings. Most travelers use search engines to find the list of best hotels to stay. Always prefer top hotel keywords for your website and ensure your site interface should be user-friendly.

Remarket, repeat, repeat

The abandonment rate for hotel bookings online is 75%; shocked! It’s true that 4 out of 5 people find a hotel online, start the booking process, get distracted with other cheap deals and abandon their experience.

You don’t want such customer for your hotel and for this, re-marketing is important. Re-marketing will lower your abandonment rate and close potential bookings with attractive display ads to recent visitors.

Target the right audience

Your hotel type and your typical guests will decide the different strategy for hotel marketers. To target the right audience, hotel marketers may use tools like income targeting to find out the traveler income.

Hotels have types of customers with different income levels and accordingly they may offer expensive rooms and other rooms at discounted price. People with limited budget and no budget need to be broken down and targeted separately. You can take help of Facebook ads to target any business traveler with high budget.

Incentive deals never fail

People always seeking for incentive or discount on a hotel booking. Take yourself as a customer and ask why you should stay in that hotel down the street. There must be a good reason to convince a customer to nook a room in your hotel and incentives will help.

Market your hotel but don’t forget the location

Hotel marketing is important, but telling people about the location will only bring perks to your deal. If your hotel is situated near to the airport and have local markets in reach, then let visitors know. Share other famous things that define your city with your customers and give them a reason to choose your hotel for booking.

There are best hotels in Rajkot city and all of them are making best use of marketing strategies to increase hotel bookings. You can learn from their practice and earn bookings instantly.

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