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Regular Use of Mouthwash Potentially Damage Your Teeth

If you are rinsing your mouth with any chlorhexdine based mouthwash sometimes then your teeth are somewhat safe. PCD pharma franchise company Fitwel professionals did a new study and discovered long-term effects of mouthwash on your teeth. In the research, they found that one week continuous use of mouthwash alters the oral microbiome, lowers saliva pH, increases acidity and damages your teeth.

The problem with people is that they think mouthwash is a replacement to their toothpaste. What they don’t know is that the mouthwash is an oral rinse product to rinse the gums, teeth and mouth. The antiseptic agent presents in the mouthwash kills harmful bacteria in the mouth.

Some people use mouthwash to fix the bad breath, while others use it as tooth decay preventing product. Mouthwash is not meant to replace brushing your teeth or flossing when it comes to oral hygiene. You can effectively get benefits of mouthwash only when you use it rightly. You should know that distinct product formulas have distinct ingredients and not all mouthwashes can actually make your teeth stronger.

What is the right way of using mouthwash?

Every brand uses its own product directions over labels. It is important to follow the instructions for best results. The basic instructions you will find at most packages of the mouthwashes are –

  1. Brush your teeth and floss

Brush your teeth thoroughly and floss. If you are using fluoride toothpaste then wait for few minutes as mouthwash may wash away the concentrated fluoride present in the toothpaste.

  1. Use plastic measuring cup

Pour the mouthwash and measure it in a plastic measuring cup. Never use the mouthwash beyond the amount mentioned on the label. Generally it is between three to five teaspoons.

  1. Ready, swish, rinse

Empty the cup in to your mouth and just swish. You must not swallow the mouthwash as the product is not meant for ingesting. Gargle for 30 seconds while rinsing your mouth.

  1. Spit out

Spit the mouthwash out and it’s done.

Is there any special condition for using mouthwash?

There are people you may know who use mouthwash on regular basis. However, you can be different by using it occasionally to combat bad breath. There is no strict guidelines to tell when to use mouthwash. But it is there that mouthwash won’t strengthen your teeth or fight gum disease unless you use it post brushing and flossing.

It is important to clean your teeth properly before rinsing with mouthwash.

Understand The Mouth and Microbiome

Human body and bacteria work together. Bacteria are responsible for more than just bad breath and getting you sick. Human body has over 75 to 200 trillion verities of bacteria that make it function. These bacteria and other microorganisms make microbiome.

Some of these microorganisms cause plaque and bad breath. These organisms build up on the tongue, teeth, and gums and can result in tooth decay and bad breath. But then there are good and essential bacteria which make your body functioning.

The concern is that while some bacteria are responsible for smelly breath that you want to get rid of, there are some good bacteria you require to stay. The bad part about mouthwash is that it kills all bacteria- the good and the bad. It doesn’t differentiate and this can harm you in the long run as it can affect the microbiome and interfere the body functioning mechanism.

This is similar to the issue of using hand sanitizer that directly affect your immune system by killing every germ on the hands- even the ones that help strengthen your immune system.

Mouthwash usually has high amount of alcohol and fluoride. Both the ingredients are not supported by human body and you must not ingest them in high amount. Moreover, you cannot allow your kids under six years age to use mouth rinsing products.

Adults should not make it a habit of mouth rinsing with mouthwash. These mouth rinsing products are helpful when you have open sores or oral lesions. A dentist may prescribe you using antiseptic mouthwash to kill sore causing bacteria. This will give you quick results and speedy healing.


Mouthwash can be used for medicated reasons only. When you rinse your mouth with mouthwash every day or frequently, it will affect your health in negative way. Also, you cannot just mouth wash and get ready for your day- you have to brush and floss thoroughly before using any mouth rinsing product. If you have recurrent bad breath or suspect that you have gum disease, take proper medication. Ask the dentist to provide you solution for your chronic oral health condition which cannot be resolved with mouthwash alone.

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