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Transform Your Old Double Doors into Sliding Doors

It is best when you recycle anything. Today, sliding folding door fittings suppliers will guide you to convert your current double door into sliding model. Whenever the builder plans the floor, it often includes a set of double doors at a closet. The door uses hinges and such doors when used for conversion afford more floor space in the living area and adieu inconveniences in hallways and smaller rooms. There is a possibility that doors might be damaged, yet the hinged doors can be easily converted to sliding doors. You will require special hardware for this project which is available at any local sliding folding door fitting supplier shop.

Things you need to prepare for this project-

  • Get ready with a power drill or cordless drill along with a screw-tip attachment.
  • Remove the door handles and any other surfaces mounted. If you don’t need to paint the door again, keep the mortised door bolts as it is.
  • Remove the hinge pins present on the doors. Drive the pin head upward with the tip of flat-blade screwdriver and hammer the screwdriver handle butt. Lift the door off the hinges.
  • Take off each magnetic or mechanical catches from the door surface and screw-tip attachment.

What hardware is needed for sliding door?

You will need the upper and lower tracks, bumpers, rollers, and screws from the sliding door hardware shop. Make sure you bring the right size parts for the sliding door project.

For this, you can measure the door width opening between the faces of the jambs, and subtract 1/8” for clearance. Use this measurement for the bottom track and top of the upper track.

Mark a square line throughout each track using a builder’s square and a felt-tip marker. You can use a hacksaw to cut each track to length.

Make sure to align outer face of the upper track 1/8” within the jamb head’s outer edge. Connect the upper track with jamb head using screws. Your next task is to align the outer edge of the bottom track 1/8” within the jamb sides’ outer edges. Connect the bottom track with the floor using screws.

Do the marking for rollers location at the upper, inside faces of each door. Now place a roller at the mark and connect it to the inside face of the door using right screws. Do this with every roller.

Final cutting and installation

Things you will need-

  • Cordless drill or power drill
  • Measuring tape
  • Circular saw
  • Screw tip attachment
  • Builder’s square
  • Wood filler
  • Flat-tip screwdriver
  • Hacksaw
  • Felt-tip marker
  • Hammer
  • Sliding door hardware
  • Flat file

Measure the distance between the lower edge and the higher edge of the upper track and lower track respectively. Deduct the ¼” for clearance. Do the measurement from the undersides of each roller. Mark the lower faces of every door at the right measurement.

Put a straight line throughout the lower face of every door. Use a circular saw for cutting the doors.

You will need a helping hand to hang each door by the rollers at top track. If you are unable to do so, ask for professional assistance. Attach the provided guides to the lower track. Use screws for attaching the guide or compress the outer edges within grooves on the bottom rack.

Slide one door closed against the jamb side. To align the door, loosen one of the screws over outer roller and move the door for a quick, uniform fit. Tighten the screws. To attach the bumper for the doors at the opposite jamb, slide the door closed against the jamb side and mark a short reference line over the jamb at door face. Slide the door away and attach the bumper to the jamb face.

Pro tip

  • Loosen your old rusted hinge pins
  • Apply all-weather sealant to the underside of the bottom track of the exterior doors before you secure it to the floor.
  • If your floor is pre-built, you can install embed anchors at places for each of the machined holes inside the bottom track.
  • Fill hinge mortises using thin wood pieces. You can attach these pieces with wood glue. Don’t forget to sand wood before painting.
  • Fill screw holes at the door using wood filler. Sand the area.
  • Always wear safety glasses while working with a circular saw.

You can find different sliding folding door fittings for your project from any local supplier in your area. Just contact the supplier and inform him about the requirements.

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