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The Expansion of PCD – Introduction to History

PCD company or propaganda cum Distribution is also called as franchise in simple terms where the word franchise is taken from the French word franc which means free. The word appeared in mid fifteen hundred century when French government have given certain rights to the landowners of the areas divided so that they could collect taxes and then gave them to the government after having their cut out of the money. Although the practice ended in around fifteen sixty two as documented but has given a new formula to regulate the money flow with an effective cost cutting module of business.

The same PCD formula reappeared again in England when the local government had given certain rights of market places and ferries to some of the people who were responsible for looking out for these markets and ferries in return they have to cut some profits to give them to the government. It is also believed to be the first tax system introduced to the world.

It was adopted by the people of United States later in nineteenth century when a very famous sewing machine brand tried to expand their business by giving certain benefits to the people interested in selling their machines. It was eighteen fifties when they introduced franchise to the United States market but that didn’t go well for the company because of poor choice of candidates. Machines sold well in the market but most of the profit were abducted by the franchise owners due to the lack of agreement and law.

Later the same PCD module was introduced by a Druggist in eighteen eighty six when he made a beverage mixing sugar, spices and cocaine and then licensed a few people to bottled the drink and sell in the market. This today is known to be the most successful module of franchise system as a very well-known soft drink.

It broke all the barriers of region, Religion and geography after the success of a soft drink franchise module. In nineteen hundred and Two when a druggist assembled a few dealers and started making drugs under a same name with the money pooled by the group. In Time the brand started running smooth in market and became a multibillion industry by the time.

Franchise business model started rise and shine just after the Second World War when a few German and United States based companies saw the opportunity to expand their business via franchise model. Huge motor building companies and drug production units saw their production unit expansions as a best thing coming out with franchise. By adopting franchise model the motor and drug brands expand thru the continents.

Soon after the PCD company India module started to expand its roots in all kind of business since the industrial revolution. It is now can be seen as

  • Food chains or restaurant franchisee are most often start as a privet individual owned business and then starts to expand with the growth of business. The module basically provides mixed spices and curries mostly to their franchise partners in exchange for a onetime fee and in some cases fee can be renewed yearly. This kind of franchise mostly provides quality control and marketing facilities with their brand name and then the franchise owner has to setup their own facility as per the suggestions given by the service providers. Franchise partners also have to either accommodate a brand owner suggested chef or have to provide their chef to the brand owner’s facility to learn the skills required to prepare the meal as per brand’s guidelines.
  • Grocery chains or mini markets are a distribution chain franchisee and usually sends products they make to sale off the franchise store shelves. This module works with franchise to fulfill their demands of local groceries and other products.
  • Hotel Chains are basically a marketing module which takes a sum of amount yearly as a fee to market a hotel, motel or inn along with its other properties. This module also serves as a quality control over their franchise partners to make sure the brand quality doesn’t suffer.
  • Pharmaceutical franchise starts as a single drug inventor owned rights distributed among the franchises partners where they produce the same usually patent drug and distribute and sell them under the same brand name with the help of a large chain of distributors and sellers accompanied by the brand itself.
  • Human Resources services are a chain of service providers situated in different regions to work together under a same name which enhance their credibility and gives them a vast area to cover for good candidate search.
  • Law firms own franchisees works both ways for the brand owners and franchisee at the same time to cover more customer base with different aspects of law enforcement in different categories.
  • Service provider franchisee works with a large scale marketing and advertisement coverage brandings which are usually expensive for small service providers. So in returns of a small yearly fee of one time franchise fee these brand services give small service providers an exposer for their business under one brand name. It rather helps a brand to expand their service area at the same time the small service provider gets a large customer base.
  • Hair saloon franchise Works the same as restaurant chains except the services they provide are different then of market chains. Saloon brand provides skills and experience to their respective franchise owners as well as the branded products they manufacture.

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