Wooden sliding door fitting

Sliding Doors Installation To Make Your Home Area More Stylish And Less Complicated

Sliding Doors are the interior doors supplied by wooden sliding door fittings exporters across the world. These types of doors are best suited for bedrooms, kitchens, and living room areas of the house. In fact, you can even experiment with your bathroom by installing sliding door. However, you must choose the right material that ensure your privacy.

If you have a personal garden with tight security, you can think of installing sliding doors outdoor as well. Manufacturing companies and brands are making them in glass and wooden finish.

Types of Sliding Doors Available in the Market

The bestselling sliding door design as curtain rods. This type of sliding door doesn’t cover the wall space as it is made of double glass layer. The door opens overlapping the other glass window, which cannot be slide. You can install these doors in kitchen areas, gardens, and patios.

Next is hanging sliding door, which is attached to a rail above the door and slide over the wall. you will need free wall space at least one time of the door width to install these types of sliding doors.

Wall sliding door slide in pockets within the wall. Wall sliding doors work best where there is no wall space and you still wish to achieve a minimal look in your house.

Sizes and Structure of Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are not the regular doors you have seen in most of the homes. Sliding doors are modern designed product that can be found in several sizing options. You must know that if you are installing sliding door inside, it will take up your wall space when open. So, for precise size, you need to measure the wall and consider the size. For limited wall space, you may choose other door options.

Manufacturing units are making sliding doors in wooden, aluminium, vinyl and fiberglass frame. While aluminium sliding doors work best for apartments and corporate buildings, wooden sliding doors suit individual homes with more space. You can bring wooden sliding door in colours like rustic, dark to light wood. Manufacturers are making them in distinct styles, frames and providing options for numerous windows and motives.

Wooden sliding doors perform well at areas where there is less dirt and moisture. Installing wooden sliding doors outdoors or in wet areas can damage the wood. So, you can give a natural finish touch to your living room area with this kind of door.

Aluminium sliding doors are also made in different designs and colours. Aluminium is a durable metal and thus, doors built of aluminium can perform well at outdoor and withstand all weather seasons.

Vinyl sliding doors are extremely durable but merely produced in different colours. These doors may appear low quality and most of the times chosen by users for their bathroom area.

Is there any maintenance guideline for sliding door?

In case you have make up your mind for installing a sliding door, you must be ready to take good care of it. A sliding door requires continuous maintenance for delivering high-performance for longer time. If the sliding door is installed outdoor, you need to clean the exterior frame and make it dust free to let mechanism work properly. Regular vacuuming and wiping the frame and the door hardware can be a good idea. Also, it is important to lubricate the sliding and locking mechanism twice a year.

Types of Sliding Door Parts –

Though, at a glance, you may just notice the rod and the sliding door, but there is a lot more behind the mechanism. Here are the sliding door parts that make the door working efficiently –

  • Handles

Handles used in sliding doors work differently. These handles need to be pulled. Some sliding door handles have a clamp built-in the door which links with the door frame to ensure more security.

  • Locks

Sliding doors locks operate differently as well. These locks are simple latches that lock into one another when you close the door. You can lock them with keys or with twist lock action.

  • Door stopper

You may think why sliding doors require stopper, but they do. Stoppers are the metal rods that stop the door from opening from the outer side. You can get them in distinct sizes and decorate them with several motives. Sliding door stoppers are simple to use. You can place the stopper within the door track and tighten it up to allow it to secure in a place.

  • Door track

Sliding door tracks are installed in the door frames and offer a space for the sliding rollers. You can simply adjust them to let them slide smoothly.

  • Door rollers

Sliding door rollers are the wheels attached to the top and bottom of the sliding door. They fit within the sliding door track and keep the door functioning.

You can get these parts from wooden sliding door fittings suppliers in your local area.

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