Soft Drink

Rejuvenate Yourself with a Glass of Soft Drink

Soft drinks or carbonated drinks are favorite of many. A glass of a preferred soft drinks is enough to rejuvenate you. You can have a glass of a cool soft drink in the summers to freshen up. Although, you can mix certain things in your soft drink also to make it a bit more interesting.

There are a plenty of mocktails which could be made using the soft drinks as well. All you need to do is, find out some of the interesting mocktail recipes, and make a glass of refreshing mocktail for yourself and your family.

Mix and match to make a magical glass of mocktail!

The soft drinks manufacturers make a wide range of soft drinks of different tastes. However, you can add more flavors to the soft drinks by adding a few ingredients of your choice. There are a plenty of mocktail recipes available on the internet which could be used to make the drinks. Some of the coolers could be prepared very quickly, so you should surely try making a few:

Blueberry Ginger Drink

Do you like the flavor of blueberry? Do you find ginger quite beneficial? If yes, then add these magical ingredients to your glass of soft drink to make it more interesting. During the hot and humid weather, you can’t enjoy anything more than a chilled drink. The blueberry-ginger refresher will surely keep you refreshed for a long time. And, you make refreshers to impress your guests too. They would surely love the magical combination of blueberry and ginger as well!

Soft drink based Mojito

Want to enjoy your favorite mojito with a twist? How about making mojito using soft drink? Add mint essence and lemon in your soft drink to make it more refreshing. This amazingly yummy glass of mojito will definitely help youto beat the heat!

Grapefruit flavored cooler

Are you fond of grapefruits? If yes, then how about adding grapefruits or the grapefruit essence to your soft drink. Soft drink manufacturers haven’t introduced many grapefruit flavored drinks. But, you can definitely make a glass for yourself using soft drink and grapefruit. The fruit is quite punchy and interesting. Therefore, adding to your glass of soft drink will be worth a try. Also, it would be one of the most interestingly unique cooler as well.

Watermelon Cooler

Who doesn’t like a watermelon! We all do. And, we can surely make a glass of watermelon cooler by adding it or the essence in a glass of soft drink. Watermelon is a favorite fruit of many, therefore, you would surely want to enjoy a glass with your snacks or dinner. All you need is a glass of soft drink, some ice, and a few pieces of watermelon or a few drops of watermelon essence.

Tried the mocktails listed above? If not then how about trying a few now?

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