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Latest Model of Flexible Ladder for Industrial Purposes


One major issue that homes, offices and industries have in common is lack of storage. To rectify these issues several designers have taken advantage of vertical space by installing overhead cupboards and shelves.

But accessing the items stored high up is not easy. Stepping on a stool or chair is not safe and that’s when ladders become popular. The ladder is a step stool that helps one to access the things stored high, fix light bulbs etc.

Evolution of the Ladder:

There was a time when ladders were made of bamboo and wood. But these types of the ladder are not suitable for industrial application. Wooden and bamboo ladders are now being replaced with aluminium and fibreglass, which are stronger and can support heavyweight.

Aluminium and fibreglass have their distinct features, based on your requirement it is important to pick a ladder of the right material. Tough aluminium ladders are still in preference FRP ladder type cable trays in India have gained momentum in recent years for its features.

Meaning of FRP ladder

The word FRP stands for fibre – reinforced ladder. It is also popularly known as fibre – reinforced polymer. This type of ladder is made of a composite material of polymer matrix mixed with fibre. FRP ladders are widely used in industrial applications. FRP ladders are used as it is safe, secure, slip residence, easy maintenance and corrosion resistance.

Feature of an FRP ladder in comparison to the aluminium ladder

  1. Strength

The important feature of a ladder is strength. FRP ladder is comparatively stronger than that of aluminium ladder. Aluminium is a lightweight material hence it lacks the strength that can be seen in an FRP ladder. The strength of FRP ladders is the main reason for its increased usage in industries.

  1. Can be used for electrical work

 Aluminium is a great conductor of electricity and so is the ladders made out of it. But FRP ladders do not have the ability to conduct electricity; they are electrical resistant making them a safe option to use in electrical industries.

  1. FRP is fire resistant

The next important difference between aluminium and fibreglass ladder is that the latter is the capacity of resisting the flames. Fire resistance feature of FRP ladders is why firefighters prefer them under certain circumstances. The feature of fibreglass ladder is such that it does not lose its strength or rigidity when exposed to high temperatures or flame. In simple terms, fibreglass cannot conduct flame hence making them stronger than that of aluminum.

  1. Corrosion resistance

The last important advantage of using FRP ladders is that they have high corrosion resistance than that of aluminium ladders. In this quiet common in industries to use corrosive chemicals that can corrode a variety of materials. So it is necessary to use ladders made of materials like FRP, which remains unaffected and cannot be corroded by harsh chemicals.

 Why buy FRP access system?

There is no doubt that steel and aluminum ladders are long-lasting and easily available in the market. But conventional metal ladders are not very effective in corrosion environment like industries.

FRP access system is recommended for Industrial application as it offers the rigidity and strength required for rough usage. On the other hand, the corrosion and electricity resistance of FRP ladders are added Benefits. FRP ladders are replacing aluminum and steel ladders because of their special features like

  1. FRP ladders are light in weight, making them easy to transport and install where ever necessary.
  2. FRP access systems are stronger in comparison to other material. It can withstand high pressure without losing the framework
  3. FRP ladder are low maintenance saving money
  4. The corrosion resistance feature of FRP ladders is the best part of these ladders. Chemicals, fire and heat do not affect the ladder
  5. Fibreglass ladders can be customized to the preference of the customers. This feature is not available in conventional ladders and also industries can find ladders suitable for their need.
  6. FRP ladders can be used in high voltage and pressurized areas as their resistant to electricity and pressure.

Tips to maintain an FRP ladder

As mentioned earlier in the article FRP access system is very low in maintenance.

Yet it is important to regularly dust the ladders and remove of any. Also check the bolts and other parts, connection to see if they are functioning properly.

Bottom Line:

FRP ladders are recommended for industries like marine, architecture, electrical etc. These ladders offer the required rigidity and strength required to support harsh usage and withstand pressure. The features of FRP ladders are making it popular among industries and are being manufactured more in number to meet the demand.


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