Decorative tea coaster India

The Importance Of Decorative Tea Coasters

A coaster, drink coaster, beverage coaster or a beermat is an item which is used to rest drinks upon. The use of coasters is to shield the surface of the table or any other surface where the user might put his drink. They are usually made up of paper, they can also be used to absorb condensation dripping along the glass or as an ad-hoc notepad.


The purpose of Coasters is for wine bottles, so they could be slid (or “coasted”) around the dinner table once servants had retired. They were commonly used after 1760. The first coaster made using cardboard was introduced by a German printing company in 1880. Coaster made using a wood pulp was done in 1892. Today they are common as a common houseware piece and are used in restaurants and are made using various materials each having its own advantage through their materialistic properties and decoratively as well. Coasters used for cups with tea have been in use since the start of the coaster usage in western countries. In India, coasters were brought to use during British rule and the usage of them have been kept post-independence with now Indian companies manufacturing them more and more day by day.

Manufacture of Decorative Tea Coasters India

Coasters are made from high gram mage paperboard but are also made from several layers of tissue papers. The important point to be taken into consideration while manufacturing coasters is that they should be water absorbent, wet rub and printability. In recent times, the manufacturing of glass coasters that have empty frames has increased.

Coaster imprints

Coasters are adorned with customized image especially those used for beers mostly mentioning or advertising brands of beer, although they can be used to promote a drinking establishment, sports franchise, businesses or special events.


Some coasters are collectable items. Tegestology is a Latin term defined as a practice of collecting coaster or beermats with practitioners known as tegestologist.

Use of decorative tea coasters India has been done for years and more spread of this product need to be done since it is a useful item which can help in many places. Decorative coasters can also be used for other purposes by people as above suggest especially for collecting purposes which are practiced by many people. It has marked the advancement in the society and the demand has also increased in the past decade.

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