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Tips for Getting the Perfect Beach Home

Having a home at the beach is the dream we all have. To sleep next to the crashing waves with a view that no money in the world can buy — what can be better than that? Now if only we could bring those same elements to our home! If you are looking for some brilliant ideas for this, you’ve come to the right place. We are here to give you some tips to do your beach home. We use different elements from the ubiquitous shells, glass door fittings to light fixtures to create a suitable home.

You don’t have to be living at the beach for this. Our tips are meant for anyone who wants to bring the beach to their home, even if they live several miles inland!

The Colours

Let’s start with the right colour palette. The beach is all about the peace and tranquility of neutral tones with the vivid blue of the sea and sky at the back. Keep this colour palette in mind when you are doing up your home. Look for fabrics with the same neutral shades. Beige, cream, white and tan — these are the colours you can use for your furniture upholstery. To balance this, use liberal splashes of blue, green, turquoise or aquamarine.

We recommend that you use the neutral shade as the base and the vivid shades for accents. For instance, use the neutral for sofa upholstery and colourful cushions to bring in some colour into the room. Use different textures and prints for the contrast. Cushions can be printed, striped or plain. Just avoid something too psychedelic or modern. We are looking for a very relaxed and natural vibe. For the walls you can try plain white or give it a green or blue tinge. If you have wooden walls, try a weathered effect for an even more natural look.

Letting In The Light

A beach home should be light and airy. The last thing we want is a gloomy dark space. If you are one of the lucky few who actually have a house on the beach, then it would be a crime to waste the view. Knock down your sea facing wall and get a glass door!If you are worried about the safety, today we have glass door fittings that assure you complete safety. The glass doors are the perfect frame to the priceless view. You can add glass walls or doors on all the outdoor walls that face outside. In a beach house, it would be the same as sleeping next to the sea!


Getting the furniture right is a pretty critical aspect. Look for natural elements like wood, jute or rattan furniture. We are not looking for heavy, dark and gloomy furniture. Rather, the effect should be that of light and airiness. You can continue the colour palate here and go for white furniture. But it is not the sleek and glossy white that you are looking for. Instead, we want a weathered appearance. You can ask your carpenter to do this for you. Rattan or jute is also perfect here. Always go for the natural elements, like wood, cotton, jute, or shells. Even glass should have natural glass door fittings where possible, like wooden frames.

Indoor Plants

The sea and sand are not usually the only two elements on the beach. You will also see the trees and plants, albeit at a slight distance from the beach. To bring in that tropical feeling, put indoor plants in your space, particularly tropical plants. With their large glossy leaves, tropical plants are an ever favourite with all decor specialists. Many of these plants are actually good for purifying the air in your home!

Look for Coastal Theme

Look beyond the cliched shells for this one. Or at least, look for novel ways of incorporating it. You can go for shell frames or vases. Fill up your glass vase with pebbles and shells from the beach or build a terrarium. You can also look for nautical theme decor items including ship models, or the wheel of a ship!

Letting in Air

Along with light, a beach home should also be airy. There is nothing quite like the sea breeze — not always pleasant at first, but a necessity when you’ve spent more than just a few days at the beach! The best way to do this is through glass door. Contact a glass door handles manufacturers for the right solution.

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