Picking the Right Interior Hardware Fittings

interior hardware fittings

The furniture hardware in our homes is like the invisible genie. From the small nuts and bolts to the bigger pull-outs and deadbolts, these are the pieces that put together our house, put the different elements together, give them a shape, attach them to the house and then put it all under a lock and key! These are the little pieces that are holding together the bigger structure and keeping it all secure.

Obviously then we must take a little care to pick the right interior hardware fittings for our property. While the basics, like nuts bolts and hinges will largely be decided upon by the carpenter, other visible pieces will need out input. This is because the visible fittings are not just about function. These fittings have a very visible aesthetic impact. These little details can make all the difference when it comes to creating a look.

Here are some of our tips:

Make a list

This is always a great tip when shopping for the home, even if it is to buy hardware! Make a list of every piece you need and where it will go. This is important not just because you do not want to run out of latches for the last door, but because that last latch might just be the last one in that design! You do not want to rush to the store at the last minute only to realise that they are no longer carrying your line.

Invest in the best

We don’t necessarily mean that you need to rush out and buy the most expensive brand around. Instead, look for a material that will last the test of time or the best and give you the best value for money. Certain materials like stainless steel, brass and porcelain are considered the best in style, function or looks. Try to always look for the best in your budget. Do not be fooled into looking for the cheapest. The best will always give you value that will last much longer.


Where the interior hardware fittings will go does make a lot of difference. Some areas of the house are more susceptible to wear tear or corrosion. For instance, bathrooms have a high moisture content, kitchen fittings can get greasy and the backyard will be exposed to more than one corrosive element. It is perfectly acceptable to switch to a different hardware that is suited to these special locations.

Check the working

Always check the working of the pieces before you buy them, especially when it comes to doorknobs, deadbolts, locks and latches — hardware that involve movement. Is the knob moving smoothly? Can you turn the key with ease? A less than smooth action is a matter of concern. It means that there is a fault somewhere. In most cases, these little faults blow up to be major headaches in no time.

Sync with your style

For some people it is important to confirm to an overall style of the house. Getting the hardware right is the kind of little detail that makes for interesting decor statements. Fortunately, today we have a number of furniture fittings manufacturers in India who are experimenting with new styles and materials. This means that you are bound to find something that blends with your style. For instance, look for ceramic pull-out for drawers if you are designing an ethnic-styled home.

Looks do matter

Interior hardware fittings are visible parts of your furniture and their look will contribute to the overall look of your furniture and by extension, the house. So, make sure that you actually like the way they look. This is why we recommend a personal choice even if you have a carpenter building the rest. You want a design that appeals to you and which looks attractive. You can even try experimental designs to bring a little edge.

Ease of availability

Although there is much to recommend personalised hardware fittings, from a practical viewpoint it would be wiser to look for standard easy-to-buy hardware. This is because you can easily buy a replacement in case of any faulty part. If you do go for specially commissioned pieces, make sure you buy plenty of spare.


Interior hardware fittings add to overall look of our house. So, invest in the best, check that they are in fine working order and buy pieces that appeal to your own style sense.

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