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6 Ways to Decorate Your Pergola

One of the best ways to change your courtyard or garden is by building a pergola. A wooden pergola looks classy and elegant. Its simple lines can be adapted to any look and decor style. It looks like a little room that is open and cozy at the same time. Here are our 6 tips on decorating your pergola:

Let it go green: This is a long-term project, but it can be very beautiful in a completely natural way. Let your pergola go green with naturally climbing vines and plants around it. Plant some vines at the base and as they grow, let then twine around the pergola. Over time, the vines will cover the pergola, providing shade inside. You can go for flowering vines, so that when the time comes, you will find flowers around the framework! You can also hang or place potted plants around the pergola.

Make a kiddie play area: If you have children, the pergola can be the perfect play area. A pergola in your backyard offers the safety and privacy you need. You can keep an eye on your children when they play. You can choose to leave the pergola as a sand pit with small slides and swings hanging from the roof. You can leave a box of toys for the kids to play with when they want. Add other toys like a little bucket and spade for the little ones to dig around!

Dine under the stars: There is nothing quite like dining outdoors when the weather is perfect. You can host a lunch on a lovely breezy day or dine under the stars. The wooden pergola offers the perfect venue for this. Depending on the size on the pergola, you can host your extended family or just a few friends. You can go grand or keep it simple. If you want a flamboyant design, get a chandelier to hang from the roof! If that seems too much, just hang some string lights to give the space a warm glow. You can add candles on the table for an intimate gathering. Keep the furnishings simple and functional.

Create a living area: The pergola can be your living area where you can host others. All you need is some comfortable seating. You can keep it low key with stools and floor cushions scattered about or give it a more elegant look with a proper seating arrangement — sofas and tables. But do make sure that there is some kind of weather protection. You can get retractable roofs with pergolas or go for furniture that can withstand rain and sun, such as bamboo or cane.

Keep it simple and relaxed: If you want to keep it simple, then just go with very no-nonsense basic styles. Just hang a hammock or build benches at the perimeter for people for people to sit on. You can also pave the base and leave a few cushions or low stools for a low-key seating.

Choose the location: Sometimes the location of a pergola can be half the charm! If you have pool in your backyard, build your wooden pergola in or around it. You can build a pretty bridge to reach the pergola and play up the water theme. Add wind chimes, low seating and candles to create a little exotic space. You can also try the Japanese style for a minimalist, but stylish look.

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