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Brass Turned Parts Manufacturing in Construction

The construction industry is at the cusp of exciting development. With new technology we can change the way we plan, conceptualise and then realise designs and different elements. We now have a confluence of different technologies that we can now harness to do our work in a safe and efficient manner.

Brass turned parts manufacturers are an important part of this. Machined products are now found in every phase of the construction industry, from parts in a project to the construction machinery itself. The construction and infrastructure industry, in fact, is one of the largest market for turned parts.

Why use brass turned parts in construction

Single-design model

The traditional model of engineering parts interpreted on the manufacturing shop floor is now changing as we develop machines that can test the efficacy of design and how to translate it in actual product. The trend now is to have a one-shop stop from engineering to testing of the final product. This is driven in part by the economics and efficiency of a single-point developmental platform.

Tech support

Precision parts are important part of the technology that we now see in all parts of the construction industry. Like every industry, technology has invaded every aspect of the industry. We can now visualise parts in 3D models, test their efficiency on-site and then directly send this to the manufacturer.

Precision technology uses machines and digital software in manufacturing — something is slowly becoming part of the larger tech support. This will slowly become its biggest requirement and advantage. Start-ups and new tech is developed with special software and other assistance that needs the infrastructure provided by CNC machines. In short, turned parts manufacturing is the only way we can comprehensively incorporate tech support.

 Easier inventory management

Since brass turned parts manufacturers work with machining, we have a far more comprehensive control on the manufacturing process. We can monitor the stock under production, storage and any modifications in order. This is an automated system and is recorded at the background. Moreover, there is no human element involved, removing any possibility of human error or prejudice.

 Making precision parts

This one is obvious. Turned parts manufacturing is about creating precision parts by machining. Modern machinery ensures that we can build extremely precise parts with very low margins of error. This helps in the overall contraction industry where we are now building intricate parts and structures.

Easy modifications

Product design is becoming increasingly complicated and simplified. This is an era of specialisation and precision. We need components that fit exactly as required. We can now test the prototype on site and then tweak with a simple tinkering of the software. Modifications can be carried out with almost no effort.

CNC machines can incorporate the most minute of these changes with almost no effort. In addition, we can also start the production process almost immediately. With CNC machines a brass turned parts manufacturer takes very minor adjustments for modifications to be integrated in the production.

 Convenient scale-up

In construction our volumes can go up and down as per the project. This is also often common with construction industry where we need a quick turnover of parts when the demand is high. No other alternative can quite match CNC machines in this regard. When working with tried products, we just need to crank up our production volumes.

The advantage that machines offer is improved speed which can accelerate the whole process whenever required. By scaling up the output and making some changes in the software, we can almost double up the process. No manual method can match up to the speed and accuracy provided by machining.

Quality control

Turned parts manufacturing offers a more comprehensive control over quality. Precision parts depend on the minute control of the product dimensions and designs. Since the parts are manufactured according to a pre-set design on an automated basis, we can also control the quality of the process at each step. Machining also reduces the chances of human error.

Energy efficiency

The reason brass turned parts manufacturers are now sole suppliers in construction parts industry is economy they bring with energy efficiency. From designing prototypes to testing, manufacturing and control — all functions can be performed at one spot and in just a matter of minutes.

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