Tips to Reuse & Remodel Old Furniture

Do you have old furniture that you no longer need, but don’t want to throw away? You can remodel and reuse it in its original form or by giving it some other function. That’s not the only reason to prefer the reuse and remodel approach. It is also more environment friendly and economic. Whether you are bored with it or whether you just want a different look, old furniture can be reused in many ways. Good quality wood or marksmanship should be appreciated and reused whenever possible.

All you will need is a little imagination and elbow grease. You can also ask your carpenter to do the work for you. Just make sure you buy SS furniture fittings from a reliable supplier. Old furniture has many advantages. Most of these old pieces are made with high quality wood, such as teak. These are not assembly line products made with engineered wood for mass production. Many of these pieces are commissioned and show the workmanship that goes into them.

Sourcing the furniture

You can source old furniture form many places. It may be lying around in your own home or your grandmother’s, abandoned and ready to be discarded. If you don’t have anything, try other places. Auction houses are good source for old furniture. You can buy pieces you like at very reasonable rates and remodel them at home. Second-hand furniture shops and people who deal with discarded goods are other sources you can tap. Look out for garage sales, or moving out sales that can often unearth some stunning pieces. Even demolition sites will offer chances of unexpected treasures!

Try restoring first

If the furniture is of really good quality and its functionality is of use to you, try restoring it. This is pretty easy and something you can do yourself as a DIY project. You can also give it a new flair and look while you are at it! Start with cleaning it. A wood cleaner can do the trick. For tougher stains, you may need a solvent. Sometimes this would be enough. For pieces that need more work, you have to follow this up with sanding or stripping. Apply a sealant to protect the wood and make it ready for staining. Follow this up with stating or painting the wood. Make sure you use SS furniture fittings.

Re modelling tips:

If restoration of old pieces is not what you are looking for, use the old and familiar in unexpected ways. Not only does it create a unique look, it can also be more economic than buying new pieces. Plus, you have the satisfaction of knowing that there is no unnecessary waste. Here are some tips on using old furniture:

Using old door for a headboard or table: Old doors with their flat surfaces offer a number of possibilities, including a headboard or a table top. It is easy to do. Just ask your carpenter to fix it to the wall or the bed. It makes perfect surface for a dining table. If the surface is too uneven because of carvings or patterns, you can add a glass top to the table surface. Remove fittings like handles, knobs and locks and fill these up with wooden pieces. For smaller tables, use window shutters.

Using different elements: Kitchen furniture accessories can take on a new lease by the simple addition of a few elements. SS furniture fittings instead of old crumbly bits, vintage tiles laid out on a table or dresser, a collage of family photos to cover a scarred table top — there are innumerable way to make the old new and more interesting, while hiding its wear and tear!

Using trunks and suitcases as tables: Trunks and suitcases make very handy coffee or side tables. The trunk is the perfect dimension for a coffee table. You can also use these for storage! You may have to restore these if they are very old. The procedure is the same as wooden furniture — cleaning, sanding, sealing and painting. Paint the surface in colors and patterns you like.

Old cabinets for new purposes: give your old cabinets a new look and a new purpose. A book stand can become a bar, a small chest of drawer can be painted and installed in the bathroom for linen or as a vanity. You may have to remodel the pieces, add SS furniture fittings or make some minor changes. Just think of how it can become more functional.

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