Cement waterproofing

Need and Benefits of Water Proofing Liquid

The concept of waterproofing a home is not new. Even ancient civilizations understood that houses have to be waterproofed in order to protect them from rains and other dampness. A more ancient form of waterproofing dating back to the 1800s, combined natural bitumen with straw, rag felt, jute, and other materials for a waterproofing solution.

Today we have different solution like pre-formed membranes, liquid applied membranes, waterproofing compounds and waterproofing liquid. Waterproofing membranes in liquid form made by water proofing liquid manufacturers. These solutions are used before as well as after construction. These are meant to protect the structure form dampness, rains, and leaks. It can seriously damage the interior and exterior of the building.

Need for waterproofing

Protection form water damage: Waterproofing is essential to prevent water damage that can occur due to any kind of water penetration. This can happen due to rains or leaks. Water leaks will weaken the concrete, damage the reinforcing rods in the structure and can even affect the cabling.

Building regulations: Local codes may make waterproofing mandatory in some building, especially apartments. The codes are established to ensure a safety for residents. Hence, building codes make waterproofing mandatory to protect the integrity of the structure.

Risk prevention: Risk prevention focuses on solutions that reduce any risks to the residents of a home. As explained above, water can be very damaging to any structure. Waterproofing, hence, gives us a sustained risk prevention solution.

Economical in the long run: Adding waterproofing solutions may seem expensive initially. But it is economical in the long run. Without waterproofing you will be faced with repairs caused by frequent leakages. Together these can become expensive and you may have to go for post-construction waterproofing anyway, which is also expensive. Adding waterproofing solution in the beginning can save you the money and hassle that will come your way without it.

Why go for waterproofing liquid?

Solutions by water proofing liquid manufacturers are often the most effective solutions. Apart from waterproofing specific structures, it should also be applied to drainage systems so as to protect the integrity of the surface. In a way, we stop leakage at the source. There are other benefits offered by waterproofing liquids:

Ease of application: These liquids are very easy to apply. Any builder can do this job for you. In fact, anyone with the minimum skill level can mix a waterproofing liquid into the required surface material. This means that you don’t have to look for a specialist for the job, which also lowers the cost of workmanship. However, it should be done properly. So, make sure you have a good builder to begin with.

Fully bonded: The waterproofing liquid is meant to dissolve in the medium. This means that it bonds fully, incorporating seamlessly into the said medium. This makes it highly effective, since the waterproofing becomes an integral part of the medium.

Monolithic system: Waterproofing liquid is mixed into the medium, such as cement. It then becomes part of that medium. When it is laid out, there are then no gaps the waterproofing. As a result we have a seamless waterproof surface, this means that there are no fissures or gaps through which the water can penetrate.

Easy on any contour: The best part of solutions by water proofing liquid manufacturers is that liquid is always more amenable to adapt to any surface or floor grout. Whether it has contours or is uneven, the liquid will flow around it without creating any gaps or cracks. This is a huge advantage in construction where we use different shapes. We get a seamless solution with waterproofing liquid.

Easily Repairable: If there are problems with the waterproofing, it can be fixed easily later. Some liquid membranes are rolled, brushed, or sprayed at a later time for repairs. The membrane will harden and get cured into a waterproof surface with time.

Weather/Aging: Waterproofing liquids are a long-term solution because they can withstand weathering or aging well. It does not start to peel off or crack easily, which means that the waterproofing solution will last for a long time. You will not have to worry about leakages for quite some time. Combined with the range of rates offered by water proofing liquid manufacturers, we have a very economical solution.

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