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Importance of EPDM in Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is one of the biggest industries in the world with high revenues and market span. It is also one of the fastest evolving industries where every company must bring innovation to its product in order to stay ahead of the game. This is why we have seen such rapid developments in automobile design and functioning. This includes the innovation and development of parts like EPDM or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer.

EPDM is a high-density synthetic rubber with properties that give us the best between natural and synthetic versions. It is one of the most effective additions to automobile design. Today EPDM profile exporters work closely with automobile designers and manufacturers. There are many reasons EPDM profiles are ideal for the automotive industry.

Corrosion resistance

EPDM is resistant to a number of chemicals, which is essential for parts exposed to many chemicals in an automobile body. As a sealing element EPDM is used in the engine as well as the outer body, which means exposure to multiple corrosive elements. Any component used in these applications would corrode quickly or wear out in the face aggressive working conditions. EPDM does not react with these chemicals and hence, able to withstand corrosion.

Ability to withstand high temperatures

EPDM can withstand extremely high temperature fluctuations. Even a general purpose EPDM can withstand temperatures in the range of -29⁰C to 177⁰C. EPDM profile exporters for automobile manufacturing use products with even higher resistance. But why do we need high thermal resistance? This is because products used in automobiles are exposed to extremely high temperatures’ especially those used in engines.

As the car runs full throttle, the temperature around areas like brakes and battery can shoot up very quickly. It can also fall just as quickly when the car is brought to a stop. Any part used here has to have the ability to work in such conditions without expanding, cracking or breaking up. EPDM fits all these requirements.


EPDM is a highly versatile component. It can be machined to fit any design. As a synthetic rubber, it can be moulded to fit extremely precise designs. This gives us a huge advantage of flexibility. This compound can be used to make a whole host of products. This pliable elastomer is used to fit any component and shape.

Better bonding

EPDM is a major sealing component and hence, bonding is important. When we build automobiles, bonding is always a major requirement because it effects the overall stability of the construction. EPDM bonding is carried out via plasma treatment. This is a very effective treatment that ensures an extremely tight bonding. The plasma treatment activates the EPDM surface, so that it bonds well with the adhesive. The bonding allows us the multi-functionality of EPDM.

All weather suitable

One of the biggest advantages of EPDM has always been its ability to withstand any environmental conditions. Automobiles are found in all kind of environmental conditions. An automobile manufacturer has to consider wide temperature range, rainfall and other weather factors that the automobile will be exposed to. To be effective we needed a component that could deal with rains, snow, high sun, dampness, and extreme cold. We need door sealers that do not crack under the sun or develop moulds. EPDM is one polymer that is not affected by any such conditions. It was developed to meet all kind pf conditions that a typical automobile will be exposed to.

Excellent sealing

EPDM is most commonly used for sealing components. The rubber moulds and seals perfectly with the body. As a seal it is used with many parts — from the doors, windows to the engine. There are many benefits of using EPDM here. For instance, when used in air conditioning units, it can withstand high temperature, fit into a small space, and has minimal wear and tear. There is no leakage of EPDM, which means that we also meet environmental regulations.

Another critical area of application is the safety system. The sealing of parts like doors, windows and engine is critical here. EPDM offers high-grade quality coupled with minimal depreciation. This means that the sealing parts will work in excellent conditions for a very long time.

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