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How to Make Your Home Safe

One of our prime concerns in setting up a home is its safety. Our home is our refuge. It’s where our children and elderly live and we expect to be safe inside our home. But safety should never be taken for granted. Whether you live in a safe neighborhood or not, you must provide for adequate safety in your home. This includes safety from bunglers, natural hazards and other dangers that lurk in your home.

To provide for this, you may have to make your home more secure with tools and equipment, such as locks from mortise handles exporters and adequate fire safety measures.

Fire safety measures

One of the most destructive elements is fire. A house fire can complete devastate your home and be a serious danger to your family. Fire can spread within minutes and if not stopped in time, it can cause havoc within minutes. Hence, fire safety has to focus on prevention to see that if there is any incident, it is immediately brought under control. This will require some instruments and measures to be taken around the house.

Sprinklers are one of the most effective tools against a fire, but it can be trickier to install and maintain by homeowners. Fire extinguishers are the preferred fire safety equipment in most homes. But do make sure that these are properly maintained. A fire alarm or a smoke detector is another handy tool all homes should have.

Exterior safety

The exterior of the home should be made completely safe against any thieves or burglars. This is the most basic elementary security that every house requires. If you live in a gated community, chances are that the security system of the community is pretty competent in handling any serious burglary. However, you must still take every measures to ensure that intruders cannot enter your home easily. At the very least, get your door outfitted with a lock from mortise handles exporters.

Check every exit and entry point, such as windows and garage doors. Make sure that there is a locking mechanism in place, even if it is just glass windows. The only way to enter would be to break the glass and this can attract other’s attention. People often keep their garage doors open when they go out. If you are in the habit of doing so, make sure the connecting door to your home has a good quality locking system. Similarly, doors to the roof must be locked at all times. If you live on the ground floor with a garden, ensure that there is a tall hedge or barbed wire on the boundary wall.

Electronic safety

Most of the time, danger lurks within our home. One of the weak points in our safety is often the electrical system of the house. Electrical fires, short circuits and other hazards can be just as dangerous, even fatal for us. To safeguard against such mishaps, make sure your electrical points are completely safe. Replace any broken or malfunctioning switches, plug-points, wires, cables and faulty appliances. Do not overcrowd or overload any electrical point. Only buy appliances from reliable and reputable companies that carry proper certification. If any fact occurs, get it checked immediately form an electrician.

Safety education

Just equipping your home is not enough. Its residents should also be educated to put safety and security first in all and every situation. Basic safety measures should be taught to every person, even the small family members. For instance, if you get the best locks from mortise handles exporters, show each person how the door is to be locked every time someone steps out. They should know how to use equipment like fire extinguisher or what to do if a fire breaks out or someone is injured. Make sure that you have a First Aid box in the home. You should see that everyone knows basic First Aid. Write down all the emergency care numbers — such as fire station, police, immediate neighbors and stick it on the fridge or at a place where anyone can reach in an emergency.

Safety system

You should also consider giving your home a more technically sound security system. There are many types of home alarm system available in the market today. You can see if it can be arranged with your door lock from mortise handles exporters. The security system can be linked to an alarm that goes off if there is any incursion or it can directly link with the local police.

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