Will Data Insight Alone Cut Mining Interruption? An Analysis From A Maintenance Perspective

With the technology advancements, smart devices are providing all kinds of information that you require to know about mines. Such information also includes ways to fix the problem of unplanned downtime. David Halverson, Global Manager, IoT& Analytics, Metso, and Brian Delfosse, Strategic Account Manager, Rockwell Automation suggesting some of the myths about the data, data analysis and the ways to prevent the downtime in mining. According to them, when such systems are given with more information, the performance will be much better.One such bets performance is seen in BHP mining where they are using equipment with advanced features, developed technology, etc. at one place to get the best production and output.

Another noticeable thing is the Air Classifier System. This machine works by separating the various materials based on factors such as size, shape, and density.  This machine is capable of separating all materials of different size, shape and, density, etc. of what you want to separate using them.

The basic principle of an air classifier system involves the use of a separation chamber where the materials are forcibly injected using air. When the materials reach the chamber, they are again forced to travel upside with the help of air or gravity. This is where your materials are getting separated based on size, shape, and density according to your needs.

 1. The first step is the Data Analysis by some experts

Data analysis is not just as you think analyzing the graphs or charts. But it involves the analysis of crucial things such as understanding the data, circumstances and other environmental conditions. Environmental conditions play a vital role, as the same machine will work differently and generate different outputs in different sites. Thus data is considered to be a big asset for evaluating the performance of the machines and also the experts, which analyze them should be experienced and skillful to find out the defects in the system that affect the production.

2. Understanding of data gives past and present stuff

Data will not be generated by the single machine or source, but it will be the mix of data from many sensors of single source and other multiple sources such as instrumentation, automation equipment, and repair reports. So, analyzing them is easy for experts only and not for newbies to understand the operations of the equipment.

3. Data Analysis is done through Remote Diagnosis

Experienced officials make use of various methods to analyze the data and diagnose the hazards remotely to fix them soon. On-site operators will diagnose the defects in the equipment easily but they don’t have to wait for technicians to fix them. But remote diagnosis helps experts to understand the issues in the system, while the production process is going on. Thus, it is easy to detect the irregularities in the system through remote diagnosis.

Investing in the Best Air Classifier Systems:

Air classifier manufacturers are master in handling the ins and outs of the system. Such a system is highly good to deliver the best customer support.

    • The Classifier system is much accurate and helps the best whenever the problem of mesh screen happens and thus acts as a separation curve.
    • The system is best to deal with dry materials.
    • Classifier systems work at less speed when compared to pulverizer machines.
    • Remove the unwanted materials like limestone, granite, and sandstone, etc. present in the mixture.
    • In the processing of the materials, the classifier system will help to remove the contaminants.

Autonomous Mine Starts Here:

Nowadays, mining is done using an autonomous method due to the inability of man powers. They also lack in skills and they also make mistakes in the process. But having an autonomous mine is not an easy task unless the system is free from downtime.

When you frame a proactive maintenance strategy, it is easier to establish the production system without unplanned downtime. Such a strategy will help to produce safe and efficient autonomous mines.

Three major things are creating demands for data visualization skills. The first thing is that the complex data are distilled so that experts find it easy to make data analysis. The second thing means that because of dominant real-time and near-real-time data, firms and expert teams need the dynamic dashboards but not reports. The third thing is decision making, as the data helps to make the right decision throughout the firm and acts as a support for visualizing the data. Nowadays, many new software programs help to do data visualization using the data that are not complex.  But when you consider complex data, only expert engineers can make the data visualization easier. When the expert is having a strong knowledge about all major things like data understanding, graphic design skills,etc. then such an expert plays a crucial role in many of the firms.

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