Heavy Duty Hinges

Let Your Doors Perform the Best with the Best Heavy Duty Hinges

Heavy duty hinges are some of the most important accessories when you are installing a gate or a door. These help the doors and gates stand straight and strong for long years and can also be the cause of damage if are weak or broken. Heavy duty hinges are generally used at

  • Container doors
  • Heavy duty gates
  • Containment cabinets
  • Heavy duty vault doors
  • Automation equipment
  • Lead filled radiation doors

Heavy duty hinges cater to industries like

  • Military
  • Railways
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Nuclear stations

Heavy duty hinges are flexible to be used on various kinds of doors and gates. To fulfill the unique requirements of the industries, the heavy duty hinges are available in different shapes and sizes, like,

  • Presence of mounting holes- Heavy duty hinges are available with or without mounting holes. You can install these on doors and gates either by mounting holes or by welding.
  • With varied thickness- Heavy duty hinges are available with leaf thickness ranging from 1 inch to 3/8 inch. If thicker hinges are required, the top manufacturers of heavy duty hinges can provide you with customized products.
  • In different materials- Heavy duty hinges are available in aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel and in plain steel. Users can even ask for hinges in customized materials to meet their unique requirements.

Some of the most popular heavy duty hinges available in the market are

  • Butt hinges- These hinges are available with pin sizes up to 25 mm. these are also considered as the standard hinges which are ideal for hanging doors; security butt hinges, stainless butt hinges, double pressed butt hinges, lift off butt hinges, solid brass hinges, light duty butt hinges, strong duty butt hinges and rising butt hinges are some varieties available.
  • Continuous hinges- Also known as piano hinges, these are available in various lengths, from 6, 7 to 8 feet. Continuous hinges are mostly needed for commercial and military use.
  • Spring latch hinges- These single leaf hinges are used for quick and easy door and lid removals. These latch hinges are also known as panel hinges.
  • Weld on hinges- These are another version of standard slip joints. These hinges give a clean look to the doors and can be used for cab enclosures, safety containers, gates, doors, metal cabinets and tool boxes.

So buy heavy duty hinges which can provide support to heavy doors used at the industrial applications and can provide service with no hassles for a long span of time. How can you ensure these? Keep the following points in mind while buying heavy duty hinges-

  • Load bearing capacity- The weight of the door or gate on which the heavy duty hinges are to be used plays an important part on your decision of choosing the right hinges. Heavy duty hinges from the top manufacturers can bear a load up to 40,000 lbs. Smooth operation is also ensured by assembling the hinges with needle bearings and a thrust bearing.
  • Tensile strength- Besides load, the heavy duty hinges should be capable of withstanding application stresses. Get heavy duty hinges which are made from carbon steel or 304/316 grade stainless steel to ensure that the door hinges do not bend or break under extreme stress.
  • Corrosion resistance- doors and gates are mostly used in outdoor environments and hence are often exposed to aggressive environmental conditions, like heavy rainfall and scorching sun. The stainless steel heavy duty hinges can remain rust free for longer periods, providing support without any trouble.

Confused? The customer service team of the top heavy duty hinges manufacturers can assist you get the best tools.

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