Electrical Wiring System

Understand the Different Types of the Electrical Wiring System

Understanding the basics about wiring is important if you are considering about electrical wiring system especially if you are going with house wiring option.  Such things not just eliminate the risk that the wrong wiring cause but also keeps you as well as the process protected.

Electrical wiring is the process that connects the different household electrical accessories to distribute electricity, the energy come from one supplier and get divided into different electrical appliances such as lamps, television, air conditioner etc.  Well, the whole process is not cheap and there are lots of wires and cables manufacturers where you can get the help but for that, you should understand the different types to know which one is used for what and why.

Here is how you can understand the different types of the electrical wiring system

 Well, it’s not hard to get the basic information. Just keep these things in your head while you are going for the house wiring as well as for buying related stuff from House Wires Manufacturers.

  • Batten Wiring

 Batten wires are single or group of electrical wires which are put over the wooden batten and held it there with the help of a brass clip. The wires are put in the gap of horizontal 10 cm and vertically 15 cm.

  • Cleat wiring

 Well, these are the rarest type that you can find in electrical house wiring; also the use of such wires for domestic is reduced. These wires are basically comprised PVC and VIR insulated wires that are braided as well as compound. The wires are put on walls with the use of plastics and woods.  It is not for the long run and basically used for a temporary system in the wiring.

  • Casing and clapping wiring

 One of the most popular types of the electrical wiring system, however, the popularity effected due to high demand for the sheathed wiring system. The wire of casing and clapping includes PVC, VIR or different insulated approved cables.  The wires are put in a wooden casing that is enclosed where wood strips are used for casing.

  • Lead sheathed wiring

 The lead sheathed with consist 95% of lead that combines with lead aluminium alloy to make the outer cover of insulated VIR.  The cover is extremely safe and useful for protecting the wire from damages that can cause by facts like corrosion, moisture surrounding the cable and other issue related to a mechanical thing.

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