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Factors to keep Mind when Lighting Your Home

The days when a tube light or a couple of light sockets took care of all our lighting needs are long gone. With innovative lighting solutions, myriad choices in lighting styles, this is no longer a two-minute job where the end line was definite and mostly left to the builder. But as our tastes change with the times and with so many lighting options available, it is important that we take time and explore what works best for our home.

But it is not just a matter of taste that makes lighting solutions so important. Since most of these are in-built, what you decide today will stay with you for a long time. There is also the matter of safety in installing electric wires, joints and electric junction boxes. By being careful from the beginning, you will ensure that you have a functional, safe and well-maintained system in place.

Suit your lighting to the room

Every room is not the same and neither is its layout. So, why distribute your lighting in the same manner? Think of lighting according to the room, its dimensions and functions. So, a living room can have stylized recessed lighting, but the same may not work for a kitchen where hidden nooks and cranes will also become more susceptible to collecting grease and dirt. You will also need extra lighting at functional areas or where people are likely to congregate.

Consider multiple-level lighting

The best way to make lightings in a room functional is to make it multi-layered. We need to have plenty of light in every room, but we don’t always need it to be fully lit. So, multi-layering the light is the right solution. You can add ambient lighting to make sure that the rooms are well lit and without any shadowy corners. But this will be too harsh when you are looking for a more subtle look. Mood lighting is perfect in such situations. Think of lamps, recessed lights that can be dimmed and other such lighting options. You also have to see this room to room. For instance, such solutions may work in a living room, but are typically not required in a kitchen or bathroom.

Pay attention to the junction box

People rarely consider the electric junction box when planning their lighting. Yet it is an important component of your home’s safety. So, carefully consider the junction box, its location and the layout within. Today we also have the choice between metal and composite material in junction boxes. Composites are now replacing metal because of their sleep appearance and protection from electric shock.

Find your lighting style

Fortunately, today we have thousands of options to choose from when it comes to lighting. From recessed lights to beautifully decorated hanging lamps — there is so something for every taste. This also gives you the opportunity to design the lighting according to the overall style statement of the house. You can go with embellished glass lamp for a more classical look or try stark metal overhanging lamps for a more modern utilitarian look. For a contemporary look, search among the many in-trend options.

Keep functional lights

Some rooms have functional areas that need extra lighting. For instance, your study room may need extra lighting even if it is well-lit. A bright study lamp is usually used on the table. Similarly, you may want to put reading lamps next to the bed. This is useful if you are sharing the room and your partner does not appreciate the bright light at night time! Bathrooms can also have functional lighting around the mirror for grooming purposes. Another room that needs functional lighting is the kitchen where you need extra lighting around work counters.

Have plenty of lighting

Make sure that there is plenty of lighting in every room. You may not light everything at the same time, but having sufficient provision is important because adding a new connection later on is quite difficult. No room should have shadowy, dark corners (other than those created by the furniture). The lighting should also be evenly distributed. The one thing you must avoid is a bright pool of light in one section with shadows all around. If you do want shadowy look, go for optional mood lighting.

Make your room individual, functional and beautiful with the right lighting system. Pay attention to security features like electric junction box and make sure the lighting is safe.

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