Furnishing Your Home on a Budget: A Checklist

We all deserve a home of our dreams. Unfortunately, most dream homes come at a cost. But being limited by a budget is really no excuse for not making a lovely home. It may not yet be the home you dreams of, but it can very much be a home you can love. You need only a few things — some fabrics, furniture with reliable cabinet handles India and some imagination!


When you are working with a limited budget, it is always recommended to work out a plan beforehand. You do not have the luxury of impulse buy or just dropping a heavy wad of cash to buy something you fancy. So, work out a plan of how you want your home to look. You can create a scrapbook or a look board that will help you to visualize and plan. Start with listing out everything you want in your home — a settee, bed, sofa, stools and cabinets.

Keep the space in mind when you are planning the furnishing. There is no point in buying an 8-seater dining table if you dining space is just an alcove! The plan should also include your finances. How much can you spend on your furnishing now? The plan should also include how you can finance the furnishing of your home. If your funds are very limited, you can allot some amount every month to reach your desired budget. Alternatively, explore loan schemes to see if that would suit you.

Do not compromise on quality

Never compromise on quality. If something looks too cheap to be good, chances are that it’s true. It may look glossy and you may be getting it at a really discounted rate, but if it’s quality is not good, it won’t be worth the money spent. A low quality item will develop flaws very quickly and start looking shabby and cheap. Even if it is economical now, it will not last long and hence, it will only be a waste of money.

When buying furniture, also check fittings like cabinet handles India carefully. Flimsy fittings are indicative of shoddy workmanship. But keep in mind that when we talk of quality, we do not always mean the most expensive. For instance, if you start looking for expensive timber like teak for every small piece, your budget may be too high. So, look for other good quality wood that can fit your budget.

The question, though, is how to buy high quality furnishing that is almost always too expensive. This is where your prioritizing comes in. Buy the most important pieces first and then wait till you buy the other items. Focus on accumulating enough funds till then. In the meanwhile, look for temporary alternatives. If you can’t buy the bed now, use a mattress for sleeping. Use a futon for now and replace it with your coveted sofa when you have the funds.

Look for different resources

There are many places where you can buy furniture for cheap. Explore thrift shops or second-hand furniture shops in your locality. You should also look out for moving-out sales or garage sales where people sell their old furniture. Auction houses are also a great resource. There are also online sites where you can get used furniture for far less than the market price. But when buying such furniture, do check fittings like cabinet handles India. Small fittings can be replaced, but the overall quality should be good.


The limitations on funds will obviously force you to priorities. Chances are that you cannot buy everything that you need. So make a list according to priority, starting with items that you need the most to less urgent furnishings. For instance, a bed may be your top priority followed by a sofa. A dining table may be the last priority. This will differ from one person to another. So, make a list according to your own needs. Buy what you need the most and go down the list as you have the money to buy things.

Quality over quantity

If you have to pick between quality and quantity, the first must win every time. Instead of buying many things, focus on buying a few good quality essentials. For instance, instead of buying different shelving units, buy one good quality cabinet with excellent cabinet handles India. Quantity will only clutter your space and turn shabby in a few months! Quality will last you a lifetime.

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