How to Make a Small Home Seem Spacious

Small homes need not be claustrophobic or limiting. With a little vision, planning and tools from glass door accessories manufacturers, we can expand our small homes to make them more spacious. These are little visual tricks and tips that use the same space smartly, making them appear larger than they are:

Use light colours to paint the walls

Dark colours absorb light and make a space appear smaller. Lighter colours, on the other hand, can open up the same space. They reflect light and hence, create a lighter space. Dark colours on the wall can make it seem smaller and more confined. Instead pick white or pastel shades, like cream, light peach or very light blue.

Paint/wallpaper the ceiling

We can counter the lack of horizontal space by extending the vertical space. But like the floor area, the length of the wall is also limited. So, how do you change that? We do this by creating an illusion of height. One of the easiest way of achieving this is by painting or wallpapering the ceiling! The colours or patterns will draw the eye upwards, giving one more visual area to work with. Instead of the usual white ceiling, go for a bold colour. You can also make it more interesting with a patterned wallpaper. Explore your options and see what works best

Make room for light

Nothing makes a room more spacious than light. A gloomy dark space always looks smaller than it is. For small spaces, light is a non-negotiable factor. Not only do you need light, you need plenty of natural lights. So, your best bet would be glass walls and doors by glass door accessories manufacturers. If you have a view or a balcony, opt for French windows. By removing a wall, you will open up the space. The glass is the perfect way of allowing natural light to come into your room. Glass windows also serve the same purpose. Wide windows are always more preferable. Chuck your heavy drapery. If harsh sun is not an issue, use sheer curtains to ensure that the light is always filtering in.

Hang shelves near the ceiling

This is another trick in creating an illusion of height. We have to take the visual focal point closer to the ceiling. One of the best way to do this is by creating visual points on or near the ceiling. Wallpapering and painting is just one option. You can also try hanging shelves near the ceiling. Use it to keep books or toys. It will draw the eyes near the ceiling and as a bonus, it also removes the clutter from the floor. Shelves at eye level creates clutter that you can avoid this way.

Pick furniture wisely

When you have a small home, you must pick your furniture wisely. It’s always better to keep it minimal. Too much furniture crowd a space and make it seem even smaller. The conventional wisdom is to keep the furniture small to be accommodated in the space. However, too many small pieces will only clutter your rooms. It’s better to pick a few big statement pieces that are sufficient in themselves. For instance, pick one large sofa in solid colours instead of buying a few small stools and sofas that will only crowd your floor. Another tip is to use multi-use pieces, so that you can use the same furniture for two purposes, such as a stool that can also act as a storage unit or a cabinet that can double up as a study table.

Use glass items

Glass reflects light and make a room larger.  Include glass wherever you can. The some easy ways to do this: mirror, glass wall and windows/doors. Mirrors not only reflect the light, when exposed to an open area, it can create the illusion of double the space. It is one of the most used tactic in small rooms is to place a mirror opposite a window. Glass walls from glass door accessories manufacturers are also very useful for this purpose. Instead of using walls, the glass lets you see through and make the space large. When used in small rooms like bathrooms, the glass wall is the perfect alternative to walls.

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