Industrial Applications of Temperature and humidity test chamber

These test chambers are popularly put in use for the purpose of testing the different types of materials to check their tolerance in various conditions. They are used for quality inspection of various types of electronics products, appliance, and products from the department of communication instruction, automobiles, metals, food items, materials used for construction and the aerospace industry. They came in various sizes to accommodate the materials to be tested and depending on the size there is a temperature limit as well which also helps in deciding which material can be accommodated in this sized chamber.

How do they work?

Temperature and humidity test chamber is a vital testing instrument which is used to analyze the prolong effect of humidity on components to fix their parameters. This instrument is not subjected to only one industrial application but is also used in the pharmaceuticals, plastics, and rubber for quality assurance testing.

They utilize the electrical heaters so that the temperature and refrigeration systems can be manufactured. The main function is to cool and make the environment pleasant. For the solution of humidity, generally the steam generators are taken into use and in order to stop humidity, the help of dehumidifying system is taken.

Types of testing involved

There are mainly two types of testing that are involved/done in the test chambers. These are:-

  • Thermal cycle testing

Here the chamber basically cycles itself from a selected temperature to the other while it put its focus on ramp rate which is taken by it to achieve those temperatures.

  • Thermal shock testing

Here the product is drastically exposed to various temperatures. It is done to test the failures of the products along with to check the ability of the product to handle different climate zones.

  • Salt spray testing

The third type of testing is done to test the corrosive properties of the product. This is mainly done to test how the properties of the product can last in real-time conditions. Through this way, the corrosive exposure of many years can be tested in a short span of time.

A temperature and humidity test chamber is an important testing method to check various nature of a specific product. Another great thing about this power cable suppliers in UAE is it saves a lot of time which would have been wasted moving from one machine to another using them to test the product and also saves a lot of money which would have been spent on transporting the product.

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