Crankshaft Forgings

Why Are Crankshaft Forgings So Important?

Dealing with automobiles? Crankshaft forgings are some of the essential accessories you must know about. These are generally used for reciprocating piston motion into rotation. These automobile body parts have various functions like

  • Assisting the connecting rods
  • Helping in change the gas pressure which is rolled into the piston in the rotation of the power
  • Works to ensure the smooth transmission of the under pans and Also helps in driving the other auxiliary parts of the vehicle.

To know the benefits of crankshaft forgings we must know how the crankshafts work. These parts generally perform under tremendous gas pressure and inertia force and moment. For this reason it is required that the crankshafts are stiff and strong. The crankshaft forgings are made from blind flanges metals like aluminum, copper alloy, brass and other alloys and hence can easily withstand pressure. These are of high material density and hence have more tensile strength and toughness. There are generally 4 ways in which crankshaft forgings are constructed-

    • Fully built up
    • Semi built-up
    • Solid forged or one piece
    • Welded, which is the most modern design in place.
    • Crankshaft forgings are also available are single, double, multi-throw and eccentric shafting. These can weigh up to 90,000 pounds and can be as long as 50 feet.

Another feature of crankshaft forgings which make these ideal as automobile parts are these are greased and lubricated. As parts of vehicles, crankshaft forgings are always under friction and lack of enough grease can lead to low performance.

Crankshaft forgings are less prone to wear and tear. With high fatigue strength and ability to withstand shock load, these can operate for a long span of time without any damage. This feature makes the forgings both cost effective and durable.

Moreover, crankshaft forgings require less machining allowance. In the closed die forging process there is optimum utilization of materials and also needs less machining time. So crankshaft forgings are made without much material wastage and hence are cost saving.

Also, crankshaft forgings can be customized to meet the unique requirements of the customers. Forging offers high levels of precision and the ejection mechanism of hot die forging press can mould the crankshafts into desired shape and size. Various cutting techniques like shear, cold twists, sawing, grinding wheel piece of cutting makes crankshaft forgings as per choice.

Vehicles are always on the road facing high levels of moisture, extreme cold and heat; for this reason crankshafts must be resistant to corrosion. Crankshaft forgings are rust free and hence reliable to be used under any aggressive environmental condition.

Crankshaft forgings at present are made using advanced technology and quality materials by the top Forged Crankshaft Manufacturers of the country. This makes the forgings light weight without compromising on the level of performance. As the crankshaft forgings weigh less and robustly designed, these are easy to install, quick to replace and remove.

The crankshaft forgings are used as accessories for commercial vehicles, diesel engines, stationary engines, boats, construction machinery, tractors and passenger cars.

So get your crankshaft forgings from the best manufacturers today to give automobiles a new life.

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