GRP Cable Trays are Manufactured

Where Are GRP Gratings Used?

GRP grating or Glassfibre Reinforced Plastics grating is actually an alternative to galvanized steel metal grating. It is mainly known as a material of construction for chemical plants and yachts. GRP cable trays are manufactured by the Automated Pultrusion Process which ensures the manufacturing of best quality products. It does not corrode like steel gratings and is used in corrosive environments which reduces the maintenance cost. It has a variety of applications in industrial, household, and other places. These are highly durable and are preferred as they are resistant to any and every kind of chemical attacks.Some of the major benefits of having GRP gratings are mentioned below:

  • Corrosion resistant: These are designed to withstand damages from industrial chemicals and environmental factors. It is highly corrosion resistant and can withstand aggressive environments. It doesn’t rust or suffer wear and tear. Unlike other metals, it does not deform under the impact of any means. If a heavy metal lands on GRP grating it would bounce back but would cause little to no damage. GRP can withstand continuous submersion, splash pills, fumes or gases, and still maintain its integrity.
  • Fire resistant: These gratings are excellent in fire resistance because the resins present in it meets class 1 flame spread ratings of 30 or less. The phenolic grating is specifically built for underground and offshore applications to reduce the maximum fire resistance.
  • No maintenance: These FRP products are resistant to rusting, corrosion, or fading and hence doesn’t require any painting or sandblasting. They survive the harsh sun because of a synthetic surfacing veil, thus creating a resin rich surface that gives UV protection.
  • Non-skid: Injuries in workplaces mostly include slips and trips. As health is a crucial issue in an industry, these things are essential. GRP floor grating tends to possess excellent anti-slip qualities with its integral grit finish. It decreases chances of costly injuries and provides additional health and safety values within the workplace.
  • Thermally/Electrically none conductive: FRP molded gratings are non-conductive unlike steel and has a high dielectric capability, making it suitable for electrical and hazardous locations. FRP is also a thermal insulator.
  • Weight and strength: These cable trays are light in weight and allow easy installation. Other metals might have strength but unlike GRP, those are on the higher side of the weight scale.
  • Installation: These products do not require any kind of welding or high machinery or engineering works for its installation. Its lighter weight makes it further easier to be installed for applications.
  • Cost: Though it seems to be expensive than other metals, GRP cable trays reduces its overall cost when it comes to life duration. It does not corrode and almost no maintenance cost is required, which makes it cheaper for a longer usage span.

Some of the applications of GRP cable trays are given as follows:

  • Industrial
  • Mining
  • Marine
  • Chemical
  • Oil and gas
  • EMI/RFI Testing
  • Power plants
  • Pulp and paper
  • Offshore
  • Pollution Control
  • Recreation
  • Plating
  • Building construction
  • Transportation
  • Metal Finishing

GRP cable trays are wide in use these days as they are the best replacement for steelworks. Its easy installation and low maintenance costs are replacing metals like aluminum. These also provide beneficial properties like being fire resistant and corrosion resistant which brings forth a wide range of applications in places where there is a risk of corrosion or fire. It’s colors, shapes, and other properties make it highly attractive. It has high durability which prevents it from damage and provides longevity. Even GRP floors are being used to prevent from slipping. This light metal is easy to carry and install anywhere at a low cost.

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