Rotary Airlock Valve Manufacturing Quality with Perfection

Rotary airlock valve is also known as the rotary valve or rotary feeders. It is used in the application of industry and agriculture. Basically, it is used as a component in the bulk or in specialty material handling system. These valves provide feeding functionality of a standard rotary feeder. Rotary airlock valves manufacturer primary duty is to maintain the pressure and to provide the optimal airlock seal between various products which convey transition. The systems that convey high pressure and high temperature to prevent loss of air pressure, then this optimal airlock condition is fundamental.

Rotary airlock valve has broad applications in industry such as:

  • Dry free-flowing powders
  • Granules
  • Crystals

These are some applications of rotary airlock valve. Now let’s talk about uses of rotary feeder. The main function of a rotary airlock valve under the conditions of vacuum, pressure, and gravity is to control the flow of bulk solids from the silo, mixer, cyclone or hopper. Rotary airlock feeders are used in:

  • Pneumatic conveying systems
  • Dust control equipment
  • Volumetric feed controls
  • Metering materials
  • Hoppers or silos onto conveying or processing systems.
  • Airlock transition point
  • Sealing pressurized systems against loss of air and gas
  • Cyclone dust collectors

Rotary airlock valve delivers as a distributor for the high-pressure area from the low-pressure area. There are different types of rotary feeder such as:

1. Drop through rotary valve:

This type of valve is available in round or square units. These valves are usually known as heavy-duty valves.

2. Blow- thru valves:

These valves are designed for pneumatic applications transferring line which require discharging into it. They are usually preferred for the free flowing materials.

3. Standard duty rotary valves:

These valves are alternate to the heavy duty airlocks which are ideal for applications which do not need to have robust valves.

Rotary airlock valve manufacturer functioning is robust and compressed designed to attain higher productivity. These valves are an analytical component in many materials handling such systems. These valves are not only control the feed rate but also minimize the air leakage between the equipment above and below the valve. Rotary airlock valve consist of a body and two end covers, an internal rotating rotor and a drive package.

The body of this valve has an inlet and outlet which allows the material to enter and to exit the valve. The rotor has a shaft with multiple vanes and the end of the shaft extend out through housing. Inside this housing, the vanes radiate out away from the shaft to the housing. The gap present between the rotor vanes creates pockets and pick up the materials at the inlet and then the rotor rotates and transfer the packet of the material to the outlet. Then after this the empty pocket rotates back to the inlet to pick up more material. This allows the material to travel downward through the valve from the ports of inlet and outlet while the airflow is restricted. In presence of constant air pressure material is moved constantly between the ports. In this way it works and used in various industries.

This is how every Rotary airlock valve manufacturer is contributing to the industry.

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A rotary airlock valve is a device that is largely used in material handling processes in industrial settings. Typically, it consists of metal vanes that are cast or welded on it to form pockets between two consecutive metal vanes.

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