Factors to Keep in Mind When You Renovating Your Home

The urge to renovate one’s home usually strikes as we spend a couple of years in one pace. Sometimes it’s necessary, as in the case of a bad layout which becomes obvious only after we have lived in the house for some time. At other times it’s just boredom with the current decor or layout! But renovating gives us a chance to improve on imperfections, while expressing our own style.Contrary to popular belief, a renovation is not always expensive. Sometimes you can change a look by just a clever paint job and change in cabinet handles India. However, sometimes the job may be more extensive, requiring more effort and money. If you are planning renovations, there are some important factors that you must pay attention to.

Ensure structural safety

Extensive renovations can include changing the layout of a house. Perhaps you are knocking down a wall to increase a room size or to put in large windows. These are the renovations that must be carried out carefully. Whatever the work, it is important that the structural integrity of the home is never tampered with. Beams and pillars must not be tampered with. When you do need to remove this, make sure that you have a good contractor who will ensure that this work is carried out responsibly.

Plan ahead

Every project has to start with meticulous planning. Without a properly thought plan, you will end up with a slipshod and rough execution. Every aspect of the project must be planned ahead. Have a vision of what you want. Make a detailed sketch of your vision. You can also research on the web or on design magazines for innovative ideas that you can include. The clearer you are in your vision, the more likely you are to describe it to the contractor when the time comes. You may also have to plan for practical considerations like alternative stay if the whole house is to be renovated.

Make a Budget

Renovation budgets can vary according to the extent and the material. It can be something as simple as changing cabinet handles India or something as extensive as changing all the tiles in your kitchen and bath. Budgets also have a tendency of overshooting as the work progresses. Somehow other work adds on or supplies come more expensive than estimated. Whatever the project, make a careful budget and then stick to it. If you don’t keep you are more likely to spend more.

You also need to make the budget carefully. Any badly planned budget is more likely to fall short. It pays to do due diligence before you start a project. Find out the estimated cost of the project. Do research on the cost of the more expensive items like kitchen cabinets or paint jobs.

Insurance and permits

Some extensive projects may need permits from the authorities. This is especially applicable if you are going to alter a building plan or are planning to add another structure to the building. These are factors that change the approved layout of a home. You should first check if such alterations are allowed and if you need a special permit for these. You can hire a surveyor to check the structural integrity of the building and if it can take the renovations. Applying for permits will protect you if someone raises objections at a later date. Although few people apply for it, getting insurance cover can be beneficial. It protects you and your interests if an accident happens on site. You should also check if certain permits specifically ask for insurance cover.

Get a reliable contractor

Most of your problems can be solved if you have a reliable contractor. Good contractors will not only ensure that the work is done properly and as per rules, you can also draw on their experience for advice on various matters. A contractor who has worked in the field for sometime will know the rules and have the contacts to ensure that you get the best in the market. They know where to source expensive materials like wardrobes and smaller eclectic pieces like cabinet handles.

So ask around among your friends, family, neighbours and acquaintances for references. While we recommend a price comparison between different contractor, remember that a good contractor is worth every penny!

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