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In the veterinary world, generally animals go through a batch treatment to obtain complete cures which is predominant in livestock farming, cattle and poultry. However with advanced research and development in the veterinary world, it has been observed that nursing, nutrition, stress management, genetics, isolation and housing can also play a crucial role in the health and well-being of an animal. The veterinary drugs have quite a huge market as all kinds of animals, fishes, insects and even reptiles can be treated with drugs! This means there are medicines available for all kind of organisms! Whether you own a fishery, poultry, cattle or any personnel from the zoo or maybe you are looking for medicine for your pet, please reach out to the leading veterinary drugs manufacturers in the market. If you are unsure which drug would be best suited for the animal, they can guide you on the type and dosages. Also, it is advisable to consult a veterinary doctor whose prescribed medicines can be availed from the leading manufactures.

Types – There are several types of medicines and drugs available for various issues. Starting from antibiotics for treating bacteria, anthelminthics to kill internal parasites, insecticides used to kill fleas, lice, mites and ticks, there are hormones used to treat infertility and promote growth as well. There are also drugs to treat sodium citrate dihydrate like heart and respiratory disease, anaesthetics and other issues.

These can be injected by the subcutaneous, intradermal, intramuscular or intravenous route or they can be inhaled (nebulized) or mixed in the water or in the food of the animal. In pig and poultry farms, the medicines are generally mixed in food or water. However drugs for external treatment are poured, shampooed, sponged or rubbed on or in certain animals, the whole animal can be placed in a bath dip of drug in solution like those in treating sheep and cattle for parasites.

Mandatory Checks – Firstly, always consult the best and reputed manufacturer who have a considerate supply of drugs within and across the borders. These manufacturers will be able to provide genuine and fresh drugs which are far from their expiry dates. Check the dates before buying them and also it is a common check to buy those which are quite far from their expiry dates rather than the nearer ones. Secondly, remember that each animal is different from the other with their different physical compositions. Each have their own requirement of nutrient and drugs. So it is advisable not to give the drug of one species to the other! These can have severe and complex side effects. The dosages are also important, neither over dosage or under dosage can be tolerated by the animal. Either it will die or even if it survives the toxic chemical components remaining in its body tissues will impact the human beings when it is consumed. This is one of the biggest causes of different fleas and fever arising out of meat consumption. Also note that all drugs are not supposed to be diluted and given to the animals. Dilution with water or other edible liquids may not be compatible with the drug components, check with the manufacturers and then go for dilution.

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