All in 1 – Multi-core Cables

Multi-core cables are multiple cables accumulated together for power, data and single in a single cable. These have the capability of multi-functioning and hence are quite popular in the mechanical and industrial uses. If you are looking for multi-core cables for your project, it is advisable to consult the leading manufacturers and dealers who will provide no less than the best! Even though the premium manufacturers provide quality assured products, make sure that they comply with the quality checks and standards and also check for the quality certification.

Applications of Multi- core CablesMulticore cables are used in many different applications! They are generally used in military ground, marine and aerospace industries. Other application areas can be summarized as below:

  • Rotating turret
  • Engine bay wiring
  • Signal and power bulk wiring
  • Back-up camera
  • Weapon systems and radar
  • Below deck zero halogen cabling
  • Launch and control systems
  • Missile internal wiring
  • Airframe communications systems

Shielding Vs Application – It is important to check for the sheath or protective and insulation layer of the multi-purpose and multi-functioning multi-core cables! There are unique sheathing required for every type of application, as mentioned below:

  • Aluminized Polyester cable shield type – These are popular in electrostatic shielding purposes
  • Single Braid Cable Shield Type – These are used in Low level EMI / Low Sensitivity applications
  • Single Optimized Braid Cable Shield Type – These are used in Sensitive Lines or High EMI applications
  • Double Optimized Braid Cable Shield Type – These are used in highly Sensitive Lines or severe EMI applications
  • Super shielded Cable Shield Type – These are used in EMP or Tempest applications
  • Double Super shielded Cable Shield Type – These are used in application layers of Highest Level of Shielding

Benefits of Multi-core Cables – Below are the features which make multi-core cables distinct and beneficial than the other varieties of wiring and cabling components, mentioned as below:

  • Cost savings and hand-built point-to-point harnesses
  • They can be purchased in small order quantities, unlike the other cables which need to be purchased in bulk orders only
  • There are special testing conducted upon request, in case of any issues after purchase
  • Cable design services are generally provided along with the purchase itself

Multi-core Cables Vs Other Cables – Multi-core cables are known for their increased flexibility and being a single compact combination of all wires and cables which form a powerful and strong pact of cabling requisite in the most critical industries. The benefits of multi-core cables can be summarized as below:

  • Multi-core cables are about 40% smaller than comparable products
  • They provide improved electrical, mechanical and thermal performance
  • Enhanced chemical and fluid resistance
  • Highly flexible
  • They are capable of including data, signal and power in a single cable

Multi-core cables can be customized in terms of shape, size and sheathing covers as per the project requirement of the customer. The flexibility and multi-functionality are the key features of the multi-functioning cables. So if you need multi-core cables, consult the prime manufacturers who will help you serve your customers the best way possible, and their expert technical staff will guide in installation, provide support on which sheath and type is compatible with the project requirement, after sales services etc.

Remember, these are critical electricity oriented mechanical components which involve the risk and danger of electricity so handle them under strict supervision!

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