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If you own a pharmaceutical unit and are in urgent need of drugs in bulk quantity, it is advisable to reach out to the leading manufacturers in the market only. It is only the reputed manufacturing brands which have a considerate supply of drugs and are available in a limited ordering time. Go for those pharmaceutical bulk drugs manufacturers who trade both within and across the borders of the country as these are reliable and experienced in the healthcare domain. When it comes to critical requisites of healthcare, authenticity has to be prioritized.

Do not forget to check for the expiry dates and it is always advisable to go for those combinations which are quite far from the expiry dates! Also, you have the option to either customise these based on your customer’s requirement or use them in the generic ratio.

Types- There are several different types of compounds treated and prepared in the required ratio for specific purposes and dosages. The most commonly used bulk drugs are as below:

  • DI-IODOHYDROXYQUINOLINE (IODOQUINOL) – It is used in the treatment of amoebiasis, Balantidiasis or an infection caused by protozoa. It is a Light yellowish to yellowish brown coloured microcrystalline powder which is often odourless or has a faint odour. It is sparingly soluble in alcohol and in ether, but completely insoluble in water. The other chemical features are:
  1. Residue on ignition/Sulphated ash is not more than 0.1 % w/w
  2. Loss on drying is Not more than 0.5 % w/w
  3. Assay component is Between 97.0 and 100.5 % w/w
  • Iodochlorohydroxyquinoline (Clioquionol) – It is used in treating anti-diarrheal ailments, acute and chronic amoebic dysentery, colitis, in GItrack infections like amoebiasis, dermatophytosis, mycosis barbae. seborrhoeicdermatitis, infected eczema, furunculosis and pityriasis versicoior {athlete’s foot}, ermatitis, Impetigo, monilial and trichomonas vaginitis and Giardiasis. This comes in the form of yellowish white to brownish yellow coloured powder. It is insoluble in water, sparingly soluble in methylene chloride, soluble in hot ethyl acetate and in hot glacial acetic acid, freely soluble in dimethylformamide and in pyridine. The other chemical features are:
  1. Residue on ignition/Sulphated ash is not more than 0.1 % w/w
  2. Loss on drying is Not more than 0.5 % w/w
  3. Assay component is Between 97 and 101 % w/w
  • Povidone Iodine – It is used to treat surgical skin infection in any major operations and in pre and post operation skin cleansing. Also, it is used for antibacterial in dental procedures, antiseptic cleanser for surgeons, prevention against infection in ulcers, burns and cuts, treatment of wounds, yeasts, molds, fungi, protozoans, viruses and as a dispersing and suspending agent in drugs and as a plasma volume expander. It is available in the form of a yellowish brown or reddish brown amorphous powder which is soluble in both water and in alcohol, but insoluble in chloroform, in carbon tetrachloride, in ether, in solvent hexane, and in acetone.
  • Sodium Iodide – It is used in thyroid function tests, thyroid imaging, in the treatment of hyperthyroidism and thyroid carcinoma. This comes in the form of White or nearly white, crystalline powder or colourless crystals. It is soluble in water, alcohol and glycerine.

Reach out to the leading pharmaceutical bulk drugs manufacturers for the genuine compounds which you may customise as per requirement!

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