Have You Installed A Tray Dryer Yet?

Tray dryers are a crucial components in the factories and manufacturing units of crude drugs, chemicals, powders or the granules etc. These are required for drying of the wet products after chemical treatment or processing. These are composed of a cabinet with a heater placed at the bottom, which forms the laboratory oven! So if you are looking for a tray dryer for your factory or production unit, consult the leading and reputed tray dryers exporters in the market for the genuine and durable products at the most competitive price.

Varieties of Tray Dryers – There are several types of tray dryers available with the premium tray dryers exporters. They will help you decide and choose the right one for you based on the type of chemical and surrounding exposure of the medium. First of all, the basic requisites in a tray dryer is that, a fan needs to be fitted into the oven so that the forced hot air can circulate the hot air and transfer heat faster to serve the purpose. The different types of tray dryers can thus be summarized as below:

  • The most commonly used tray dryer is one that is directed in a circulation form which helps the air to be directed towards a certain angle and can also be controlled.
  • The second most popular are the screen trays which are lined with paper so that the heated air can circulate among the drying components.
  • The modern type tray dryers are nowadays mostly preferred because uniform temperature and air are available within the insulated cabinet via strategically designed fans and heating coils to pass in all directions, and be customised as well.

What are the components of a Tray Dryer – It consists of rectangle heating chamber with insulated walls. The Trays are placed inside the heating chamber, while the number of trays placed is as per the requirement and size of the dryer.

Mechanism of a Tray Dryer – Hot air is circulated via forced convection heating and it removes any kind of moisture from the solid components placed in the tray.

Uses of Tray Dryers – The applications of tray dryers can be summarized as below:

  • Drying of the sticky materials
  • Drying of the granular mass or crystalline materials
  • Drying of the Plastic substances
  • Drying of the Wet mass preparations, precipitates and pastes
  • Drying of the crude drugs, chemicals, powders and tablet granules
  • Drying of the certain equipment

Advantages of Tray Dryers – If you want to know why you should include a tray dryer in your production unit, check the below benefits:

  • It is very easy and hassle free to board, unload and handle the components to be dried in the tray dryers. This also means there is no loss of the materials to be dried.
  • The tray dryers are operated in batches, ie, they function under the mechanism of batch drying as each batch of materials can be taken as a single entity with greater care.
  • In the pharmaceuticals industry, the batch sizes are smaller, 250 kg or less per batch as compared to that of the chemical industry, 1000 kg or more per hour!
  • The tray dryers help in dealing with the critical products quite efficiently.

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