Orange Juice

How Orange Juice Helps to Stop Smoking

“Smoking is injurious to health” – says the packet itself! Every year increased taxes are levied on each and every brand of cigarettes yet the demand continues to rise every year. The increasing demand is sought by increasing youth and fresher who lovingly take up the fashionable crime to fit into the genre. Hence it becomes a habit. With the increasing years, women have been following the trend and if you observe closely number of women in a smoking zone often tend to be more than men. Women have their own style! I admit. With growing work pressure and a constant effort to challenge our limits, it is these white paper wrapped nicotine smoking out from golden filters that bring a little solace to the weary heart. A puff as soon you wake up, one just after your breakfast, yet another one while you drive to work, another one when you meet up with the team gang and plan your day ahead, the mandatory one after lunch, the boss scolds and you run with the packet and vent out the frustration in the smoke along with colloquial abuses and more frustration seeps in and depression takes over and all you become is a chain smoker! At parties, at home, before and after meals, before and after sleep it is just mandatory, let the world crumble but the cigarettes are absolutely necessary! Those dirty cravings are so difficult to handle, O Lord! Finally a day arrives when you realize that it was not you who smoked the white paper wrapped nicotine in air, but vice versa! It was those cigars who smoked your health into a puff and you are left with 9 – 10 tablets per day with increased blood pressure, cholesterol and obviously you must have had a heart stroke or possibly a minor one! Now you decide to make a call finally.

Biological Impact – Biologically, your body goes through a severe change when nicotine creeps into your body parts, especially lungs. Nicotine depletes Vitamin C from your body badly. Initially when you take up this dirty habit of smoking, there is phase of lightness and relief. Your mental anxiety seems to slow down and there is a sudden breeze of calm that lets you a space of solace. But it is this solace which eats up your lungs and fills it in with jet black tartar. Now, coming to the fact what should you do when the cravings are hitting you badly yet you have decided to quit it once and for the lifetime!

Miracle of Oranges -First, congratulations on the great decision and salute your understanding. Now start having a healthy meal. Most importantly focus on Vitamin C rich foods because, it is the extreme depletion of Vitamin C that leads to the wholesome disaster in your body. The best remedy is that of juicy oranges. Yet a simplified version is those of orange fruit beverages. Nowadays these orange juices come bottle wrapped in plastic bottles so that you don’t have to take the pains to crush and grind them to juices. All you need to ensure is that these should be from one of the leading manufacturers in the market so that they are 100 % genuine and don’t contain any harmful chemicals or preservatives. Not only the tanginess of oranges does wonders in replacing the depleted Vitamin C component, it sweeps off the harmful nicotine content from your body entirely. As a smoker, you are already aware the first puff that take that nicotine stays in your body for three consecutive days. And if you are a chain smoker, the nicotine stays in for years. So start off by consuming orange juices regularly. It is said that if you consume at least 30 ml of an orange fruit beverage or juice for 30 days consecutively, you tend to be healthier and 80% of the toxins accumulated in your heart and lungs due to the nicotine blown smoke, gets washed away. So grab a bottle manufacture of soft drinks and sip in!

It is brave of you to have taken up this challenge of quitting the dirty habit once and forever. There is nothing more beautiful than life and your beloved family, so do not risk your health. It is not that difficult when all you need to do is consume sweet and tangy orange regularly which is absolutely easy.

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