Annealing Furnaces

Features and Types of the Annealing Furnaces

Annealing furnaces are the latest addition to the array of numerous heat change machinery. It is a high-energy efficient furnace that utilizes fiber structure in order to save a whopping 60 percent of energy. The method of furnace annealing is utilized in the fabrication of the semiconductor devices that involves heating the multiple semiconductor wafers to alter the electrical properties. The process of annealing furnace can be utilized along with the processes like oxidations or can be used solo. The steel wire annealing furnaces suppliers offer extreme flexible and soft outcome due to its oxygen-free process of annealing. High-quality raw materials are used to procure the top-notch products. These suppliers are competent enough to present products that are highly reliable and durable with elongated life span. Some of the features of the steel wire annealing furnaces are:

  • Finest quality
  • Low cost of running as well as maintenance
  • Cost-effective solutions

Types of Annealing Furnaces

There are different types of annealing furnaces, which are as follows:

Car-type furnace– It is a cycle type furnace which is known to save ample energy during its operation. It is of national standard and adopts a fiber structure that helps save 30 percent of the integrated energy. This type of furnace is primarily used for high manganese, high chromium steel castings, along with rollers, balls, annealing, stainless steel hardening, timeliness, along with the heat treatment of numerous mechanical parts. Some of the features are as follows:

  • No sound
  • No pollution
  • Perfectly controlled and uniformly distributed temperature
  • Ease of operation
  • Extremely automated
  • Programmed in PID to achieve completely automatic operation
  • These are safe, reliable, and have good sealing along with long life.

Pit annealing furnace– This type of furnace is used to heat treat the metal parts like rings, and other components with rated temperature. The furnace comprises of the control system and removable lid.

Box type annealing furnace– This furnace is mainly used for the hardened work pieces of steel, along with annealing, normalizing, and other miscellaneous heat treatment. Some of the features are as follows:

  • Huge electric load capacity
  • High productivity
  • Works best for the medium and small sized parts of heating
  • Automatically operates the uniformity of furnace temperature
  • Saves 30 percent energy
  • Extremely precise outcomes
  • Easy installation process
  • Perfect furnace operating condition
  • Self-sealing furnace door
  • In order to prevent failures and accidents due to manhandling of the machinery, chain protection device is introduced.

Hood type annealing furnace– This type of annealing furnace is primarily used for the purpose of normalizing and annealing the sheet steel parts under the general scenario of the environment. Some of the features are as follows:

  • Specialized steel and precise alloy
  • The resultant annealing is of silicon steel finish
  • Forging annealing
  • Specialized steel casting


The market is overflowing with numerous wire annealing furnace manufacturers but the challenge is to locate the most appropriate dealer that can offer the finest design in the most cost-efficient manner. The annealing furnaces are used in order to either restore or alter the properties of a metal to obtain the desired result. Therefore, the furnaces come with various sizes and types to suit the needs.

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