Screening in Mining — Vibration & Flip Flops

Screening is one of the most important part of any mining operations. When mining from the earth, we extract a number of debris and dirt along with the element. These have to be removed before we process the ore to extract the element. Screening is the process by which we remove the impurities that are mined along with the ore. Screening has, hence, always been part of the mining industry.

There are many different types of screens used in mining today. These include conventional, vibrating and flip flop screens. Conventional screens are among the oldest used methods, but is not always efficient. Vibrating screens and flip flop screens are preferred by most miners today. Flip flop manufacturers in India use this simple physical device in mining operations.

Screening process

Screening uses physical principles to efficiently take out the unwanted debris. These include vibration, gravity, density and electrostatic force. Different screens use gyratory vibration or sinusoidal vibration to activate the matter. The movement is essential in segregating the different particles. Gravity is used to separate the different materials as it is pulled to a lower level. Density is a reference to the martial stratification. The electrostatic force comes into play when we are dealing with material that is extremely wet or dry.

Two of the most popular methods here are vibrating screens and flip flop screens. Let us look at both of these:

Vibrating screens

This screen gets it name from the vibrations used for screening the material. The vibrating mechanism has a gentle rotating motion. It is used to separate solids, liquids and powders. The screen sorts out the different textures, cleaning the feed in the process. The device is made of steel with wire mesh screens. There are at least four screens. These could have a single or double deck arrangement. These are stacked on top of each other. The device will be open on two sides to aid monitoring and functioning.

The mechanism separates the impurities so that we are left with a more cleared material. The speed of the vibration can also be changed to adjust for delicate or rough material.

Flip Flop Screens

The flip flop screen is a more advanced mechanism that uses various existing methodologies for separating impurities. The traditional vibrating screen use either linear vibratory or circular vibratory. The first method uses tiny vibrations at a high speed to separate impurities, while the second method uses centrifugal forces combined with circular motion for the same result. Flip flop screens combine both the methods for a more effective solution.

Flip flop manufacturers in India are now working in different installations because of its effectiveness in doing the job. The mesh could made of elastic polyurethane or steel. The mesh will have holes that can be round, oblong or square. The mesh can move because of the action of the material, mechanical movement or vibration. The mesh screen is constructed on the basis of the nature of the expected impurities, acidity and temperature.

Although steel meshes are used, elastic polyurethane is more common. It is preferred because it can expand and contract as per the desired movement. This range of movement means that the screen can adjust to very fast movement.

Some of the advantages of flip flop screens are:

Low operational costs: This is a compact machine that uses elastic polyurethane. This makes it lightweight and hence, takes up less energy. The operational design is improved, yet simplified to ensure that operational costs are kept low.

Low maintenance costs: The use of elastic polyurethane mesh makes it a design that is really low on maintenance cost. The material is very well able to take wear and tear and lasts for a long time.

Compact construction: The device is quite compact and hence, has a higher usability in any function.

Customized solution: The machines by flip flop manufacturers in India provide for adjustment of the vibration of the screen. The speed can be adjusted according to the material.

More effective: The elastic polyurethane mesh can withstand extreme movement without any damage. This means that we can use very high vibrations or tiny vibrations with very high speed. The variable settings mean that we can effectively use it for any operation.

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