Choose Safety With The Right Firefighting Systems

Fire is such a discovery which is both safe and unsafe. Use it wisely and carefully, and it will change your life. You can have cooked meals, warm water, and a life full of luxury. Handle it callously and a single strike of a match stick is enough to convert your life into hell. In order to avoid the chaos and destruction, fire fighting systems must be kept at home for emergencies.

Fire fighting on an industrial level is a mammoth and risky task. The team needs to efficient and effective and equipped with all sorts of instruments for combating fire caused from all sources such as liquid, gas and other hazardous materials.

Types of Firefighting Systems

Installing of Fire fighting systems are very crucial for a building’s safety and ignoring them can lead to serious disasters in the future.

Luckily, there are a wide range of fire fighting systems available in our country.Property owners and builders can choose according to their needs.

  1. Pre- Action Systems

These systems require two triggers in order to activate the water flow. The need for two triggers lies in the fact, that it may prevent unnecessary spraying in case of fire alarms and accidental sprinkling. The water starts flowing, once it has been activated, to the spot of the fire hazard.

  1. Dry-Pipe System

Pressurized air is used in this system. In the dry pipe system, the pressurized air comes out of the pipe, prior to the ejection of water. Ideals for buildings with low temperatures, this system outweighs the chances of the pipe freezing. But there is a disadvantage too. The time taken between the detection of fire and water ejection is one minute, which may be a serious issue to be considered.

  1. Wet-Pipe System

The most commonly used, this setup continuously filled with water and the time taken for the water to come out is almost zero. This system is both cost effective and has low maintenance.

  1. Deluge Systems

As the name suggests, these systems combat fire by flooding the target area. These work on triggers like the pre- action systems and are suitable for flat surfaces like floors and are therefore ideals for industrial parks and industrial factories.

Choose According To Your Needs

Fire hazards are caused due to various sources. A single type of firefighting system cannot tackle every type of fire. Each type of fire extinguisher is effective on selective type of fire, therefore selection of the right type is very important.

One very simple aspect to be considered while choosing a firefighting systems is the materials that are present in the area which are to be protected.

These can be divided as follows:

  • Combustible and carbon based solids, paper, wood or textile
  • Flammable liquids like paraffin, petrol, and diesel.
  • Flammable has like butane
  • Electrical equipments
  • Fats and cooking oil.

Choose wisely and ensure your safety.

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