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Tips to Incorporate a Classic Decor

Nothing says class like luxury like the classical decor. With its emphasis on traditional and opulent, the classical style is suitable for anyone who wants a sophisticated and age-old look. Unlike contemporary or modern, the traditional style is a bit more elaborate with flourishes and intricate details where attention must be paid to every aspect – from curtains to cabinet handles.

Classical style is a fairly popular style in the hospitality sector. You will examples of its in many of our old and established hotels. That does not necessarily mean that it is only suitable for a more luxurious look. You can create a classical style on a budget. Just pay attention to the small stuff! Here are some of our tips:

Mouldings: Nothing says classical like mouldings. In fact, this is the only decor style that incorporates mouldings in its overall look. You can go for wall mouldings or more commonly found crown mouldings. This can also range a whole gamut – from elaborate, intricate stuff to plainer mouldings. The choice here also depends on the size of the room. Mouldings, especially wall mouldings are more suited to bigger rooms, since the visual detail does seem to make a room smaller. Crown mouldings are usually suitable for any kind of room. However, how elaborate you want your mouldings will depend entirely on your taste.

Chandeliers: Look for flamboyant, flouncy chandelier of a more classical look. Crystal chandeliers are the preferred option here. If that is a bit too expensive for you, go for imitation ones that look similar, but are considerably cheaper. If this is a bit too flouncy and old fashioned for you, there are other more modern options that go equally well with a classical look. But the preferred material here is glass with some metal trimmings. You can also scour flea markets and auctions for classical chandeliers.

Antiques: A love for antiques usually goes hand in hand with the love for a classical decor. Look for old gramophone player, a beautifully done wooden trunk, antique frames, brass antiques or cabinets with beautifully done cabinet handles India. You can go through your own family heirlooms for this one. Look for old pieces. Unexpected and unusual pieces work brilliantly, like an old chess set or your granny’s paan daan. Just make sure these are polished and restored.

Lamps and curtains: It is the little details that matter. Even lampshades and curtains are important

here. In lamps, look for classical designs like brass lamps or porcelain lamps. The lampshades should also have a classical look. Glass lamps like Tiffany lamps can also be used here. The key is to look for something elegant and sophisticated.

The curtains should also be selected with same eye to details. Inverted pleats, pinch pleats like the French or Parisian drapery pleats should be used instead of more casual styles like grommet pleats or rod pockets. The material should be something heavy and rich, although lighter lace curtains can also work.

Furniture: No tacky metal and plastic chairs will do here. What we are looking for is top class wooden furniture with the right finish. Modern sofas with leather finish are a big no-no. You need wood and natural fabric like cotton, linen and silk. Look for designs that have a timeless quality and not an edgy contemporary or modern look. For instance, cabinet pulls have to be of metals like brass. You can opt for classical designs from firms specialising in cabinet handles.

You can also look for antiques within the family. Old wooden furniture from your grandparents’ home can be lovingly restored. The preferred furniture here should have the rich patina of premier wood like teak, oak and walnut. But if this is too expensive for you, go for cheaper alternatives with a rich finish. For instance, you can get good quality, but cheaper furniture with a teakwood finish. Look for flea markets, second hand stores and auctions for other alternatives.

Mix it up: Finally, you are completely allowed to add something modern and contemporary if that is what pleases you. If you love your modern art, that contemporary vase, your favourite geometric-patterned cushions or prefer the cupboard with modern cabinet handles India, don’t hesitate to add that touch. A little mix will only bring out your personality!

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