How To Make A Small Room Spacious

Our urban spaces are shrinking. As our population continues its inexorable expansion, the space to accommodate everyone is growing smaller every day. Real estate is at a premium and our homes and rooms are getting smaller. But a small room is only as small as you think it is!

The magic of decor really comes in when we try to bend a visual reality, like making a small room appear bigger than it is. All you need is a little ingenuity and it can be done. You may also need a little additional hardware, like glass doors and fixtures from reliable glass door accessories manufacturers. But on the whole, you just need to follow our simple tips and rules.

Think Of The Traffic Flow

When you are planning rooms, irrespective of its size, think of the flow of traffic. How will people move about? Are there obstacles in the way? Is there enough space for a person to turn about, sit? Then think of the function of the room. For instance, if it is a living room, can you move about while the guests are sitting down?

These may seem like very small details, but when it comes to a small room, these details can make all the difference. A small room where you have enough space for the traffic to flow will be spacious enough for its purposes, while a big room where we have no clear path in the flow can seem cluttered and claustrophobic.

The movement around the room should be smooth, meaning there should not be things that you have to move around, such as a chair or table. If there are two doors, the path between them should be clear and unencumbered. There should also be enough space to move around the path.

Open Up Those Walls

One of the easiest ways to make a small room appear larger is to open it up. It is the walls that confine a room. So, what if you could just remove one of the walls? This is not as absurd as you may think when you consider glass doors. In a room with a view to the outside, French windows or wide widows on the outer wall works brilliantly. Glass door accessories manufacturers have fixtures to ensure that you can have safe locking mechanisms in case you have small children in the house.

In interior rooms, glass doors are a clever way of partitioning without making the room seem too confined. An obvious example is the bathroom where glass doors are often used to separate the shower area.

A glass door works brilliantly because you have an unencumbered view over a larger area. With no walls coming in between, your view remains unencumbered. When it opens up to a spacious view outside, the illusion of space is further enhanced.

Create A Light And Bright Space

Space, as we have tried to explain above, is often a construct of mind and we can trick our brain to think of one room more spacious than it is. For instance, a light and bright room often seem more spacious than a dark and gloomy one.

Paint your walls in a light shade. If white is too stark, consider a pastel shade. Think of lighter colours for your soft furnishings. However, some bright colours are perfectly permissible to bring vibrancy in the room. Above all, ensure that the room gets plenty of light and air. A room that is full of darkness and shadow will always look too hemmed in.

Make it Taller

This is another visual trick we can use. By making the room appear taller, we increase the space within, making it seem more spacious. Rooms that have higher ceiling seem more spacious. And no, you do not have to actually break the ceiling. Instead, use simple tricks to give the room some height.

You can achieve this by creating visual points at the top of the room to instantly draw the eye. The visually ‘heavy’ celling now seems expanded. You can use a wallpaper on the ceiling or hang shelves just under the ceiling for the same effect.

Glass doors with fixtures from a top glass door accessories manufacturers is just one of the solution to expand a room. There are other simple tricks to achieve the same solution.

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