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Holistic Care for Your Child with Ayurveda

For the parents of small children a proper health care regime is top priority. One of the reasons for this is that children often get sick. This is perfectly natural as their body is still building its immunity, but it does increase the parent’s anxiety. All too often they find themselves running to the paediatrician. Then come use of medicines, including antibiotics in severe cases.

So, the management of a child’s health becomes important. Most of us are looking for natural remedies instead of chemical concoctions for pour children. Luckily, a number of franchise pharma companies in India are now supplying Ayurvedic formulation based on completely natural ingredients.

Ayurveda and Childcare

Ayurveda is one of the most ancient systems of medicines in the world. Based on age-old methodologies, it is perhaps the best means of ensuring a healthy child. But what makes Ayurveda so ideal in managing childcare?

The reason lies in its holistic approach. Conventional medical science treats the symptoms to address the disease. However, Ayurveda sees this in a much more holistic light. It addresses the body as a whole, building up strength from within. This critical difference becomes highlighted when it comes to childcare because a child’s immunity system is still in building stages. The more we fortify and build it, the more likely we are of bridging up a healthier kid.

Ayurveda has an extensive study on the subject. One of its eight branches, the Bala Tantra deals with paediatric issues. These include infant care, management of illnesses and diseases. It also includes advice on instilling the right samskaras for the spiritual and mental development of the child. It sees childhood as the most precious time in our life when an individual can be physically and spiritually moulded for excellence.

For newborns

The Ayurvedic principles on childcare begin even before a child is born. It recommends that a couple should go through panchakarma (cleansing and rejuvenation) before conceiving. Once a woman is pregnant, Ayurveda has detailed texts on her care. This includes her diet, exercise and emotional care. There are clearly laid down procedures for child birth. It also details postpartum care of the mother, laying emphasis on her physical, emotional and spiritual care.

The first few days after birth are considered crucial for both the mother and child. Ayurveda has a detailed care regimen which includes daily rituals like oil massage, bath, diet and use of herbs to gain strength and vitality. Many of these herbal remedies are today made ready to use by franchise pharma companies in India.

Common ailments and cures

Ayurveda has some very effective cures for common childhood ailments. These are made from completely natural elements that are commonly found in our kitchens.

  • Constipation: Good eating habits with plenty of water is recommended. Include fibrous food and good quality oils. Food that act as laxatives such as raisins, honey, papaya, figs, grapes, mango and bran help in proper digestion. A teaspoon of ghee in warm milk at bedtime can be very effective. Other medicines include Triphala, Gandarva haritaki etc
  • Colic: Mix Cumin,Coriander, and Fennel powder in equal quantities.Mix 1 teaspoon of this mixtureinone cup hot water and leave it for 15-20 minutes.Strain it. This can be taken as tea by the mother as well as administered to the baby through a medicine dropper. You can dilute it to make it palatable.
  • Common cold: The child should have plenty of rest and warm liquids like tulsi or ginger tea with honey. For chest congestion a massage with warm ghee or sesame oil before bedtime is recommended. Some common formulations are Tribuvankirti ras, Sanjivani guti, Lavangadi vati, Sitopaladi and Talisadi.
  • Worms: A common childhood problem is worm infestation. It can cause irregular appetite, diarrhea, flatulence, abdominal pain, itching of anus etc. Ayurveda recommends healthy eating habits to avoid such infestations. These include avoiding sweet, fried and uncooked food. A few drops of onion juice in 1 tsp water taken thrice a day s surprisingly effective. Medicines here include Kutajarishta, Krimikuthar ras, Kutaja parpati, and Vidangarishta.

These are some of the common childhood ailments and their cures. Fortunately, many of these medicines are today available from franchise pharma companies in India.

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