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Smile Is What Makes You Beautiful

Smile please! The selfie didn’t come up with that perfect smile this time! It looks pale and dull. It is time that you pay some attention to your teeth. Also, did you notice them moving away when you opened your mouth to smile and greet at them? That’s because of the bad breath that you have developed. Don’t let your teeth let you down further. Get in touch with some genuine toothpastes from the leading toothpaste manufacturers today to smile and charm the world like you did before. Now, let me take you through the amazing variety of toothpastes available in the market from the leading Toothpaste manufacturers.

Types – Not only yellowing and decaying of teeth with plaque and tarter, swelling and bleeding of gums, toothaches, mouth odour, cavities are some of the common problems people face due to their fast life and lack of proper care. However if you choose from any of the below, you will surely save the fees of a dentist, with regular usage. If you are wondering how, then let me tell you these come with the goodness of several herbal and natural ingredients each with their unique good properties which ultimately add up to your charming smile. Come let us see what the toothpaste manufacturers have in store you.

  • Regular Toothpastes – These are generally the white coloured creamy type toothpastes for daily use which are of 2 types:

Regular White – Prepared from natural spearmint oil, clove oil and menthol while calcium carbonate adds to the whitening property. These are known to kill bacteria in your mouth and keep you fresh, devoid of mouth odour and bad breath.

Herbal – These have herbal ingredients like pudina, clove, tulsi, neem, cardamom, lemon and ginger extracts. Each of these herbal items add to the beneficiaries like killing of bacteria, removal of bad breath, protecting and preventing gums from infections and bleeding, inhibiting cavities and hence taking an overall care of your beautifully shaped teeth.

  • Transparent Gel Toothpastes – These gel form toothpastes are the new favourite as they are available in different colours which adds to the look and different flavours, as below:

Herbdent Premium– A herbal green gel toothpaste packed with the goodness of about 25 herbal extracts and oil like neem, ashoka, babul, ginger, eucalyptus, lemon, camphor, cardamom and lots more to provide a fresh mouth devoid of germs and bad breath, fights against tooth decay, giving whiter and clearer teeth with daily usage.

Primrose Flavour – Primrose flavoured red gel toothpastes generally come with the goodness of an added extra dose of clove oil which is known to have medicinal properties. It gives a clear and fresh throat, especially if you have cough and cold, this flavoured gel toothpaste will relieve your throat like no other!

Primrose Blue – This blue coloured gel toothpaste comes with added mint among the other ingredients. Mint adds its cooling and freshness feel while fluoride and clove protects teeth from diseases.

Henez – Green gel toothpaste with the goodness of ginger, eucalyptus and lemon for healthy teeth and gums!

  • Opaque – Gel based blue toothpaste that comes with dead sea-salt that protects teeth from plaque, tartar and keeps them clean throughout!

Select from the wide variety from the leading toothpaste manufacturers and smile, laugh without hiding your teeth!

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