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How to Make More Profit with Granola Baking Confectionery Business

Baked granola can be introduced to multiple niche markets and be sold in many ways. Confectionery manufacturers in India know the challenges unique to the granola business and they will share them in this post to help your business grow. You can easily prepare yourself for the unexpected by building back-up plans using expert tips.

Market size matters

When you decide to start a granola business, you need to understand your industry, customers, and rivals. A cost effective and profitable way to sell granola is loose. You can sell it as a cereal or a dessert topping. Due to busy lifestyle, people most of the time take whole grain cereals as their staple breakfast and thus, granola has higher marketability and you have more chances to grow.

Granola options

Granola offers many experimenting options. You can bake it, dehydrate it, roast it, or sell it raw. You can prepare energy bars, cereals, and dessert topping with granola. There are more options to sell granola, such as gluten-free ingredients, high-protein ingredients, raw vegan ingredients, whole grains, fruits and nuts, sweet candies and more creative ingredients. If you have low budget, you can reduce the initial costs by adding inexpensive yet healthy ingredients, such as rice puffs, dried fruits, and oats. The choice of ingredients will determine your target market, advertising, and packaging, and regulations you need to follow.

Government regulations

If you are living in US, you need to register your business with your local state officials for food license. If you plan to supply granola in stores, you need FDA label for the ingredients. If you want to use ‘organic’ or ‘gluten-free’ label for the product, you will have extra applications and inspections of your ingredients. You need to apply with the USDA for organic label, while for gluten free label, FDA approval will be needed.

Different methods to sell Granola

You can sell granola online or offline as per your choice. Offline sites include farmers market, a flea market, festivals, consignment by selling to grocery stores and health food stores in your local. For online sale, you can build a website or sell on health food websites. If you want to sell your product outside the country, you can partner with web portal like Amazon.

These are the essentials of starting a granola business. For more tips, you can read more articles shared by confectionery manufacturers India.

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