Keep your Cosmetics away from your Kids!

Cosmetics range contains harmful chemicals and thus, herbal private label cosmetics suppliers want to warn you to keep those products out of reach of your children!

You may be a working woman that can’t step out of home without lipstick and eyeliner. But if you have curious kids at home, you must be careful. The cosmetics you are using may contain harmful chemicals that can damage the sensitive skin of your kid.

Destructive chemicals used for manufacturing cosmetics-

  • Phthalates

Phthalates are used as solvents and plasticisers in the cosmetics such as -fragrances, skin lotions, nail hardeners and polish. The ingredient is linked with endometriosis and early puberty in girls, reduced fertility in males, and reproductive organ abnormalities. Phthalates also affect the thyroid, and may lead obesity.

  • Paraben

Paraben is the preservative used by cosmetic manufacturers in personal care range and cosmetics. Methyl Paraben is the common type used by most of them. The healthcare has issued note bout the usage of cosmetics containing parabens by parents of up to 3 years old children since children are vulnerable to endocrine effects caused by parabens.

  • Talcum powder

Talcum powder and ovarian cancer link was drawn many years ago. However, there is no solid evidence that can explain talcum powder use can cause cancer. However, it is biological possible that talcum powder applied to genital area might enter to the fallopian tubes and onto ovaries and result in inflammation. This can cause ovarian cancer.

  • Lead acetate

Hair colors products may have lead acetate. When you use hair color as directed, it appears to be safe and there is no evidence that tells if lead is absorbed into the blood stream. Lead is also found in lipsticks. Doesn’t matter how much you want to avoid, all lipsticks applied to lips end up being eaten!

Is there anything to worry about?

Manufacturers of personal care products are using hazardous chemicals in high concentrations. These products are causing certain allergic reactions among consumers with delicate skin. Online websites that issue warnings about chemicals in cosmetics often highlight the hazards of using them.

Can natural and herbal products become a better bet?

The way we think that chemical based products are always bad and herbal or natural cosmetics are always better- is wrong! There are evidences that show natural ingredients can also cause skin irritation and allergies. Some essential oils like lavender and tea tree oil have been related with hormone disruption in males.

Even if you are using any private label cosmetics made with herbs can cause you food allergies after being sensitized to included ingredients.

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