Designer Wall Tiles

Design and Paint your walls with Designer Wall Tiles

If you are planning to renovate or decorate your home or commercial space, try something unique and different, yet colorful. Yes. I mean tiles, but not the conventional marble or ceramic tiles which generally come in white or off white shades, the designer wall tiles are the talk of the town! If you can wear designer clothes, why can’t your walls have a designer for them!

It’s time that you come out of the monotonous bathroom, kitchen and other tiles and dive into the large variety of unique designs, like that of brick walls, or maybe simple matt monochrome ones or tiles which are embellished or maybe, the ones that can form a scenery of hills and scintillating rivers, when taken together! So, check below for the details about these designer tiles.

How are Designer Tiles Manufactured?
The designer tiles are manufactured in quite the same way as porcelain or ceramic tiles. The only difference is that the design, pattern or colour is later infused on the small boxes as per customer requirement. Generally silica, quartz and feldspar are added to clay and mixed in kiln. To carve out the tiles in various shapes and sizes, the concoction passes through different machines like ceramic mixing and grinding machine, spray drying machine, tile forming machine, ceramic kiln machine, Ceramic Feeding Machine and Polishing Machine With Nono Technology.

The manufacturing process of these tiles is known as dust pressing where the powder mix is pressed and it goes through kiln and then the next steps continue. Once the square, rectangular or octagonal shapes are carved out, the edges are finely done. Then with the help of printers, the picture, design or pattern is printed on the tile. Different sizes available for the digitally styled tiles are 800×1200 Indian Tiles, 800×800 Digital Wall Tiles, 600x1200mm Wall Tiles and 600×600 PGVT & Digital Wall Tiles, Soluble Salt Indian Tiles, Twin Charged Indian Tiles and 600×600 Digital Tiles.

Types of Designer Tiles
Whether it’s the walls of your kitchen or bathroom or that spacious living room at your home or maybe you are designing your commercial business space, there are tiles available in different patterns and designs imprinted on the monochrome or shaded tiles like – elevation tiles (if you want elevated stair designs), matt series wall tiles, glossy series wall tiles, stone finished wall tiles, 3d wall tiles and HD Wall Tiles. Be it a hut design on your walls or red bricks, or monochrome matt ones, designer tiles can be designed any way you request your designer!

You may also ask your manufacturer to design and carve out a specific design or painting, like oceans and hills, with these tiles combined together that you want on your walls. Designer tiles are just another version of digital tiles. These can be used everywhere, kitchens, bathrooms, living area and commercial space.

It is important you choose your designer tiles by consulting from a leading manufacturer and retailer only. This will ensure that you are buying these tiles which are tested and comply with the quality standards. Don’t forget to consider the physical and chemical properties of durability, strength, stain resistance and water absorption. Go and explore the various designs, patterns and colours of your choice and paint your walls with these amazingly versatile designer wall tiles india.

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