Comparative product breakdown of Various Valves by Valve manufacturers in India

The valve manufacturing companies are flourishing in a great way across the globe and have a promising place in the near future. Diversified valve manufacturers in India offer various ranges of products, which makes the sector even vaster. Valves are one of the basic components that contribute to a perfect operation of machinery. It directs, regulates, and controls the flow of fluid like gases, fluidized solids, liquids, slurries, etc., by closing, opening, or restricting the path of various passageways. These are a part of general fitment but are considered as a separate category of an industry. Vales are of different categories, which are functional in various sectors.

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Functions and Comparative Product Analysis of Different Types of Valves

The functionalities of different types of valves in various industries are as follows:

• Initiation and suspension of fluid flow.
• Regulating the amount of flow of fluid.
• Operating the direction of the flowing fluid.
• Regulating the process pressure and downstream system.
• Releasing piping overpressure.

Due to the presence of different types of materials and the machinery, there are diversified kinds of valves manufactures by the valve manufacturers in India, which are as follows:

• Ball valve– is a quarter-turn valve that incorporates a hollow and perforated pivoted ball in order to control the flow of liquid through it. When the hole of the ball is parallel with the stream of flow, the valve opens and when the pivoted ball is rotated by 90 degrees with the help of the valve handle, it closes.

• Butterfly valve– is operated with the help of a disc-type element that is situated in the middle of the valve. It is constructed in a simple and compact manner and is very light weighted. It is usually used for water as well as air and is incorporated in pipes with large diameters.

• Globe valve– is used in a wide range of applications starting from controlling the rate of flow to opening and closing operation. Among all the options of valves available, globe valve is the best option for controlling the flow rate.

• Gate valve– is primarily used in industrial piping with negligible pressure drop, less resistance in the flow, and minimized turbulence during in the valve.

• Plug valve– operates in a rotational motion and is used to either start or stop the flow of fluid. Petcock is the simplest form of plug valve.

• Diaphragm valve– incorporates the pinching method to restrict the fluid flow with the help of a flexible diaphragm.

• Needle valve– fine tunes the flow of fluid for systems which demand precise measurement like automatic combustion control.

• Auto drain valve– is an automatic and timer controlled valve that helps drain the condensates without any loss of compressed air from the air devices like moisture separators, air receivers, filters, etc. It is a cost-effective option that is highly popular.

• Industrial valve– is used to operate as well as control the flow of fluid in a large quantity in the sectors like irrigation, sewage process, mining, processing of oil, power generation, food manufacturing, gas and petroleum, plastic and chemical manufacturing, and more.

• Automatic control valve– is an advanced valve that is used to operate the flow of fluid automatically. In conjugation with the positioners and actuators, the flow control valve can easily control the flow. When these valves work with hydraulic actuators, the valves are termed as automatic control valves. It responds to the change in flow and pressure that accordingly opens or closes the vave.

It is clear from the aforementioned points that the valves are highly needed for nearly every machinery in all the industries to control as well as initiate and block the flow of fluid as per the requirement of the industrial standards.

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