Moving storage pods

How The Process Works With Moving Storage Pods

Moving storage pods are one of the newest options available to people looking for moving and mobile storage solutions. This clever creation is still very new to the industry as it has only been around for about 15 years. However, despite this short time of existence, it has gained significant ground over more traditional options. Here, we take a look at how the process works with these containers as many people are not yet familiar with its process.

These containers can be found from a number of different companies. Many traditional moving truck companies will offer these items along with some companies who focus specifically on them. In fact, this is the fastest growing niche in the moving industry and has become a growth niche in storage as well.

Once you contact the company, you will need to decide on the size container you want. You will find that there are two different options in the market. One option is the company will offer three different sizes that vary in the length of the container. These scale up in size and range from a length of about 12 feet on over 20 feet. The individual length can vary depending on the company. You can use a basic rule of them that the smallest size will fit 1 to 2 rooms, the medium size will fit 2 to 3 rooms and the largest one will fit 4 to 5 rooms of belongings. This can help you decide what size you might need. Now, the other option on the market is companies that are offer one basic size. This sized container can fit in a parking space and they will offer you multiple ones if you need additional space. Depending on your needs, both options can be effective.

After you decide on the container size, the company will bring the container(s) by your home or wherever you want them delivered. They will use a lift system on their trailer or a forklift to place the container in your driveway, backyard, etc.

At this point, you can begin loading your belongings in the container. If you are using it for moving purposes, you will contact the company to pick it up and transport it to your new home. However, if you are using it for storage purposes, you will only contact the company when you are done using it for storage purposes. Basically, at the end of the move or your storage needs, the company will come back by and pickup the container. The result is a solid process that allows you an excellent portable storage or moving option.

By keeping all these things in mind, you should be able to better understand the process of moving storage pods.

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